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"This sleek looking bolt-action rifle sports a classic look, but don't let that fool you, this rifle packs state-of-the-art technology. Handcrafted solid steel receiver, advanced triple-locking safety mechanism and a padded composite stock for superior recoil compensation."
― In-Game Description

The .270 Huntsman bolt-action rifle is the first obtainable "mid-class" rifle, suitable to hunt the majority of game throughout the reserves. Providing significantly more penetration than the Ranger .243 this weapon is ideal for those looking to hunt tougher and more valuable game.

As with all rifles, two variants of its ammunition are available:

.270 Soft-Point17244-8150m440
.270 Polymer-Tip3554-8150m700

Color Variants[]

.270 Warden[]

The .270 Warden is only visible to players who bought Call of the Wild within 3 months of release and had either earned a hunter score of 50 in theHunter Classic, or had purchased a membership in theHunter Classic.

.270 Stradivarius[]

The .270 Stradivarius has been available for purchase since the 2017 Holiday Event.


Comparison to other rifles[]