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"Developed by Alaskan gunsmiths for moose hunting, the .300 Canning Magnum is the go-to rifle for large game in the Yukon Region. Favored by marksmen and hunters alike for its accuracy, the .300 magnum cartridge is effective for long-range hunting up to distances of 400 m."
― In-Game Description

The .300 Canning Magnum Frontier is a large-caliber bolt-action rifle for hunting large game. It fills the gap between the 7mm Regent Magnum and the Rangemaster 338. The high accuracy has made it quite popular among hunters as it can be used at ranges up to 400 meters.

The rifle was released as part of the Yukon Valley DLC.

As with most rifles, two variants of its ammunition are available:

.300 Magnum Soft-Point21607-9150m220
.300 Magnum Polymer-Tip42147-9150m350


.300 Canning Magnum Marches[]

The .300 Canning Magnum Marches is an alternate style that looks like a classic rifle. It features a stained wood body, and a black barrel.

Comparison to other rifles[]

Rifle diagram 2020.png