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"Lightweight, well balanced and extremely accurate. This 7mm break action rifle comes with a responsive trigger, a simple yet robust firing mechanism and an extremely durable long-range barrel. The 7mm cartridge, combined with the characteristics of this polished weapon, makes it ideal for long-range hunting."
― In-Game Description

The 7mm Regent Magnum is a break-action rifle and one of the first obtainable rifles for hunting big game such as Moose and Bison. Owing to the large caliber, it is not suited for hunting small and medium-sized game. Despite being the fourth most powerful gun available, it is often preferred over the Rangemaster 338 due to higher accuracy with the sacrifice of power.

As with most rifles, two variants of its ammunition are available:

7mm Mag. Soft-Point20534-9150m610
7mm Mag. Polymer-Tip40124-9150m880

Color Variants[]

Empress Magnum[]

The Empress Magnum is a cosmetic variant that was included in some physical copies of the game.


Comparison to other rifles[]