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"Contemporary bow-making techniques and flexible but sturdy materials make this stunning take on an ancient self bow effective even for modern hunters. A single stave of hickory and bowstring combine to form a silent but deadly weapon that epitomizes the resourcefulness of the people who used it to conquer prey."
― In-Game Description

The Alexander Longbow Lacquered is the second non-compound bow added to the game. As a classical bow, it cannot support sights like the Houyi Recurve Bow, despite showing a slot for it. Aiming without sight is made notably easier since the arrow's tip can be used as a sight, unlike its recurve counterpart. Unfortunately, the improvement in aiming comes at the cost of this bow being worse than the Houyi bows, except for recoil. Fortunately, they share the same arrows, so switching between them is much easier.

This weapon is available as part of the Silver Ridge Peaks DLC.

Like all bows, it can use 3 different weights of arrow:

350 Grain Broadhead1501-320m500
540 Grain Broadhead7504-720m750
700 Grain Broadhead9006-820m900


Alexander Longbow Rough[]

The Alexander Longbow Rough is a style that resembles a traditional bow. No lacquers, stains, or paints. Just a shaped branch, and a bowstring.

Alexander Longbow Ash[]

The Alexander Longbow Ash is a variant features ash-white wood.