The Bearclaw Lite CB-60 is an upgraded version of the Razorblack Lite CB-60 bow. It has a higher accuracy, but lower hip shot rating. Also the appearance of the bow is very similar to the razorblack; but instead of the plain black coating of the razorblack, it bears brown-yellowish camo pattern. This bow is only obtainable as free download and is not integrated in the regular game (see DLC).

As a bow, the Bearclaw is only suitable for close range hunting, up to 50 m with a peak in usability at around 25 m. Bows are, compared to guns and pistols, highly inaccurate and come with a handful of drawbacks, making them a challenge for the hunter.

Bows can use 3 different kinds of arrows:

Arrow Penetra-






300 gr 10 0 1 20 m
420 gr 50 2
600 gr 90 3

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This bow may look similar to the Razorblack, but don't let that fool you. Besides sporting an attractive camo, it also comes with pre-installed stabilizer attachment. This allows for more accurate shots when aiming, but be sure to bring a large backpack, as it also makes it a bit more cumbersome to carry. Suitable for small and medium-sized game.

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