The Bighorn Sheep is a newly introduced species in the Silver Ridge Peaks reserve located in the rocky mountains of Colorado. It is a class 4 animal. Both females and males have horns. This species is pretty similar to the Iberian Mouflon. In fact, in french, a bighorn sheep is called "Mouflon".

Description (Off-Game) Edit

The bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) is a species of sheep native to North America named for its large horns. These horns can weigh up to 30 lb (14 kg), while the sheep themselves weigh up to 300 lb (140 kg).Recent genetic testing indicates three distinct subspecies of Ovis canadensis, one of which is endangered. Sheep originally crossed to North America over the Bering land bridge from Siberia: the population in North America peaked in the millions, and the bighorn sheep entered into the mythology of Native Americans. By 1900, the population had crashed to several thousand, due to diseases introduced through European livestock and overhunting.

Integrity Edit

There are 23 types of ammunition that give full integrity bonus on the Bighorn Sheep.

  • 10 Rifle Ammo
  • 4 Shotgun ammo
  • 6 Handgun ammo
  • 3 Archery ammo 
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