The Blacktail Deer is a medium sized kind of deer (class 2). It can be hunted in the Layton Lake District.

Description Edit

The blacktail deer is generally considered a subspecies of the mule deer and native to the western part of North American continent. The blacktail thrives around the edges of forests that are typically rich with underbrush and grass which they feed on. They tend to avoid open areas that lack hiding spots, especially during harsh weather. The blacktail is a medium-sized deer, comparable to the whitetail deer, but blacktail bucks' antlers take different patterns that are more similar to the mule deer's. The blacktail's antlers grow from a spike into a distinctive double-fork shape.

Features Edit

Behaviour Docile and somewhat skittish
Habitat Forests with a lot of underbrush
Senses Excellent sense of smell and hearing
Social Usually solitary, can also be found in small groups
Active During dawn, dusk and night
Recommended Equipment Weapon class 2, Deer "Bleat" Caller, Deer "Grunt" Caller, Blacktail Deer Scent
Species Odocoileus hemionus
Difficulty 1 (Trivial) - 5 (Medium)

Shot scheme Edit

Color code
Blacktail deer shot scheme
Red - Kills immediately
Blue - Kills very quick
Orange - Kills slowly
No Color - Unlikely to kill

Fur Variants Edit