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The Bloodhound is famous for its outstanding sense of smell. It has roughly 300 million scent receptors, and can pick up blood trails even in the thickest of brush with ease. Putting your dog to work gives it experience, which is used to progress through its 30 companion levels and 15 tracker levels. The more you hunt together, the more efficient it becomes.

Focus & Bond[]

How well a dog performs a task is based on two things, level and focus. Focus is a resource that dictates how sharp, rested and efficient a dog is at any given time. A dog with full focus will execute its given command as fast as its experience level will allow, while a dog with low focus will feel sluggish. A well-rested dog starts with full focus, but every time you command it to something its focus will decrease. Naturally the dog will regain focus slowly when it is just following you around, but if you plan to use your dog diligently you will need to show it some love by giving it praise an petting it to increase its bond with you.

The bond you have with your dog fluctuates based on how you treat it. A dog that is praised and is having fun doing its job will naturally enjoy doing that job over longer periods of time. So it is both nurturing and smart to take a second to praise, pet and treat your dog. High bond will give the dog a bonus to focus regeneration.


Even though breeds are standardized, a dog will have its own unique personality and Traits. At certain levels you can select what Traits you want to nurture in your dog to make it uniquely your own.

Lvl. 5 Lvl. 10 Lvl. 15 Lvl. 20 Lvl. 25 Lvl. 30


6th sense Howl Sharp Close Brave
You have an even more loving relationship with your dog, which increases its overall BOND. Your dog has a higher chance of senseing when an animal is about to be spooked. Your dog will howl like a wolf on command. Your dog is naturally more willing to work and has increased FOCUS. Your dog has a higher chance of staying close to you. Your dog has a chance to ward off predator attacks.
Shortcut Nosy Nosier Spotted Poop-dar

Master tracker

Your dog can skip detour tracks in favor of more recent clues. Increases the distance at which your dog can find a blood clue. Your dog is better at picking up the scent from smaller blood clues. Your dog has a chance to highlight the wounded animal you are tracking. Your dog has a higher chance to find fresh droppings when idle. Your dog has a small chance to find the harvest without needing to follow the trail.

Fur coat variations[]