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"This chrome-barreled 12 gauge pump-action shotgun, with classic walnut stock and forearm, can be used for almost any species; just make sure you've got the right ammo for the job. Powerful at close range, making it the perfect weapon for those who think they've got stalking down to a fine art."
― In-Game Description

The Cacciatore 12G is a classic pump-action shotgun. The 6 shell capacity allows you to get multiple shots in rapid succession for hunting birds, or when you stumble onto a group of deer. Thanks to the various shell types, this shotgun can be a great backup option in almost any condition.

As with most shotguns, three variants of its ammunition are available:

12 GA Birdshot00125m180
12 GA Buckshot502-525m530
12 GA Slug40194-850m880


Comparison to other shotguns[]