Perks represent different weapon-related abilities that provide new opportunities or make certain aspects of using weapons easier. Perks can be purchased with perk points.

Perks are structured in trees and in order to unlock a perk, at first an adjoining node in the tree must be unlocked. They come in four different categories, one for each weapon type: rifles, handguns, shotguns and archery.

Available Perks Edit

Tier Rifle Handgun Shotgun Bow
0 Muscle Memory Sprint & Load Both Eyes Open Full Draw
1 Breath Control

Steady Hands

Quick Feet

Survival Instinct

Fast Shouldering

Body Control

Move n' Shoot
2 Zeroing Ranger Tracershot

Recoil Management

Increased Confidence


3 Focused Shot


Lightning Hands

Quick Draw

Boomstick Like a Pro

Pumping Iron

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