Skills represent different hunting abilities that provide new opportunities or make certain aspects of hunting easier. Skills can be purchased with skill points. Skills can be active or passive. Only one active skill can be assigned at a time in the skills menu and then be used in-game.

Skills are tiered. In order to buy higher tiered skills, you must spend a certain amount of points in the previous tier. They also come in multiple categories, tailored to different hunting styles. Active pursiut skills (stalker skill tree) are more tied to tracking and stalking, while passive pursuit skills (ambusher skill tree) focus on luring.

Skill trees Edit

The following two skill trees are available in the game:

Tier Req.


Ambusher Stalker
0 0 Scent Tinkerer Locate Tracks
1 1 Spotting Knowledge

Dazed and Confused

The More The Merrier

Track Knowledge

I'm only happy when it rains


2 5 Sight Spotting

Fatal Attraction

Impact Resistent

Connect The Dots

Soft Feet

Weather Prediction

3 9 Tag

Who's deer?

Pack Mule

Innate Triangulation

Improvised Blind


4 13 Keen Eye

Hill Caller


Disturbed Vegetation

Wind Prediction

Startle Call

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