The Caversham Steward 12G Shotgun is the first available shotgun in the game. Before patch 1.91, shotguns were just implemented as a "for fun" guns because they caused, due to their nature as multi-procetile weapon, 0% integrity bonus.

The application of the Caversham is mainly depended on the used ammunition: Using 12ga Birdshot, it can be used as a small deer and boar weapon, using 12ga Buckshot it can be used to hunt middle to big deer and bears and using 12ga Slug it can be used to hunt large animals such as Moose and Bisons.

Variant Penetration Expansion Range
Birdshot 0 0 25 m
Buckshot 5 0
Slug 40 19 50 m

Description Edit

This 12-gauge shotgun sports a classic over-and-under double-barrel design. It allows for very quick follow up shots, making this gun ideal for scenarios that involve fast-moving targets.

Color variants Edit

Grankin's shotgun

Grankin's shotgun is a color-variant of the Caversham shotgun. It can be obtained via completion of Quests in the Medved Taiga National Park.

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