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"This precision-crafted crossbow sports enough power to take down the largest game animals. With a beautiful woven carbon fiber barrel, a built-in rope-cocking device, and a 4-arrow quiver, the CB-165 is idea for short-range hunting."
― In-Game Description

The Crosspoint CB-165 is the only crossbow available to hunters. The high peak draw weight gives it a massive advantage over other bows when it comes to hunting big game. It is also capable of having a scope mounted for better long-distance shots. Thanks to sporting the highest accuracy among the bows, the effective range has been improved to around 80 meters.

This weapon is available as part of the Weapon Pack 1 DLC.

Like all bows, it can use 3 different weights of arrow:

300 gr. Small Game Point1001-220m530
420 gr. Broadhead5002-720m700
600 gr. Broadhead9007-920m880


Crosspoint CB-165 Arctic[]

The Crosspoint CB-165 Arctic is a variant featuring an arctic camouflage pattern across the body of the crossbow.

Crosspoint CB-165 Warden[]

The Crosspoint CB-165 Warden is an alternative style with a standard dark brown foliage pattern across the body, stock, and limbs.

Crosspoint CB-165 Dark Star[]

The Crosspoint CB-165 Dark Star is a version that features black powder painted metal, paired with a dark wooden body and stock.


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