Long before the Spanish crown entrusted the Del Bosque family with the protection of this region, parties on horseback would sweep through the river valley in search of deer and wild boar. Since Cuatro Colinas became an official game reserve, it has been the top choice for hunters looking to explore Spain's wild expanses. Majestic ibex, prancing deer, vibrant landscapes and scattered remnants of Spain's history welcome all with a taste for adventure. This game reserve also gives you the ability to purchase the Martensson 6.5mm.

Location Edit

The Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve is located in Spain.

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Huntable Animals Edit

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European hare icon

European Hare

Roe deer icon

Roe Deer

Iberian mufflon icon

Iberian Mouflon

Ronda ibex icon

Ronda Ibex

Beceite ibex icon

Beceite Ibex

Gredos ibex icon

Gredos Ibex

Southeastern ibex icon

S.E. Spanish Ibex

Wild boar icon

Wild boar

Iberian wolf icon

Iberian Wolf

Red deer icon

Red Deer

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