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Long before the Spanish crown entrusted the Del Bosque family with the protection of this region, parties on horseback would sweep through the river valley in search of deer and wild boar. Since Cuatro Colinas became an official game reserve, it has been the top choice for hunters looking to explore Spain's wild expanses. Majestic ibex, prancing deer, vibrant landscapes and scattered remnants of Spain's history welcome all with a taste for adventure.
—In-game Description

The Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve is located in Spain. The warden of the Reserve is Doña Alejandra Del Bosque Garcia.


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Worldmap Colinas


Region Subregion
Llanuras de la Cosecha

Granja Ribereña
Mirador de Doña Emilia
Colina Rota

Campo de los Beatos

Lago de los Olivos
Lago Javier

Dehesa Real

Pradera del Pintor
Campo del Regente

Colina Santa

Arboleda de Isidoro
La Curva del Cazador
Ascenso del Peregrino

Huntable Animals[]

The romantic landscape of Iberia has an equally diverse cast of wildlife roaming its various biomes. Chase after the european hare in the brushes, walk alongside the majestic red deer or temperamental wild boar, and catch roe deer grazing in the fields. Keep an eye out for the silent Iberian wolves and search the cliffs for the daring Mouflon Sheep. For those of you yearning for a challenge, you have the Spanish Grand Slam, which is made up of the 4 Ibex breeds – the humble Ronda, the agile Southeastern, the strapping Beceite and the daunting Gredos.

Class Class1Icon

Ring-Necked Pheasant


European Hare


Roe Deer


Ronda Ibex


Beceite Ibex


Gredos Ibex


Iberian Mouflon


Wild boar


Iberian Wolf


Southeastern Spanish Ibex


Red Deer

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While not all maps have at least one scripted "Boss animal", this map has 3. These are all Iberian wolves. The first one (diamond) attacks you in the middle of campaign, the second (gold) you meet in the castle at the end, the third (diamond, melanistic) – at the end of Gerhardt Baden's quests. Having 3 wolves and 1 mouflon you can create a multimount for your house.

This map contains Red Deer 'great one'.


If one had to describe Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve’s ambience, it would be with one word – rustic. The region exudes both rich history and flourishing nature, ripe for your exploration. Its most distinguishing feature is its vast open fields, covered in sunflowers, olive groves, and lavender, surrounded by soft mountains. Framing the open areas are broadleaf lush and dry pine forests, providing perfect cover for cautious animals. The land is far from untouched though, as the marble quarry’s sharp angles create a stark contrast to the surrounding area.


This reserve comes with the Martensson 6.5mm, which can be purchased for 10.000 ingame currency, making it the most affordable class 4-8 rifle in the game.

The Martensson is a great rifle for medium game but struggles a bit with animals on the high end of its performance spectrum (class 8) such as Moose. It is comparable in power to the .270 Huntsman, with slightly higher penetration on its Polymer-Tip ammunition. It is one of 3 ingame weapons with the highest effective range of 200m (the other two being the Gandhare Rifle and the Hudzik .50 Caplock Muzzleloader with its .50 Caliber Minié Ball ammunition).

This rifle comes in 3 color variants: Thunder (with a dark green polymer body), Lightning (with a white polymer body) and Rayo (featuring a dark wooden body with engraving). The Rayo variant can only be unlocked after completing all of Don Miguel's missions, which is hard to do. These missions will become available after successful completion of all main missions.


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Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve spans a massive 25 square miles (64 square kilometers), and it will be your call whether you take off exploring the reserve and go your own way, or if you pick up the unique story with 14 new narrative missions, and 55 new side missions.

The land of Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve has had many different patrons, from the Kings of Europe who have wandered across the rocky dehesa, to modern hunters, equipped with the best of today's equipment. Now, however; Doña Alejandra del Bosque Garcia is straining under the responsibility that has occupied her family for centuries. Amidst troubling animal attacks, disgruntled farmers, family tragedy and hostile corporate takeovers, she must find a way to protect the very essence of what makes Cuatro Colinas a hunting ground worthy of kings. It is her destiny, and it could be yours too.

 Teaser Trailer[]


TheHunter- Call of the Wild - Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve Trailer

Transcript: "My family has watch over these lands for centuries, I grew up here, stalking the forests, hiking the hills, reading the skies. My very soul is entwined with this place, this hunting ground of kings. I need a hunter like you, someone I can trust, to help me protect the farmlands and the flocks... Now is your chance to see a place like no other. As a girl, I chased European Hare in the brushes, walked alongside the majestic Red Deer, climbed the cliffs in search of Mouflon Sheep and watched the Iberian Wolves stalked their prey, but the pride and joy of our land are the Spanish Ibexes: the humble Ronda, the agile Southeastern, the strapping Beceite and the daunting Gredos. Together, they are the Spanish Grand Slam, coveted by hunters all over the world. My family entrusted me with this place, it is my destiny... I believe maybe yours too. Come my friend, join me in the rolling wild of Cuatro Colinas."


  • Cuatro Colinas is the seventh (7th) reserve of the game.
  • Cuatro Colinas is the second (2nd) reserve of the game located in Europe (1st is Hirschfelden being located in Germany).
  • New species included the Iberian Mouflon, Beceite Ibex, Gredo Ibex, Ronda Ibex, Southeastern Spanish Ibex, Iberian Wolf and European Hare.