Albeit being a one-time purchase, new content is often brought into the game via DLCs. Some of them are free of charge, others must be purchased (also see DLC).

Name of DLC

Release date

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Bearclaw Lite Compound Bow 03/16/2017 Free The Bearclaw Lite Compound Bow is the first free DLC for theHunter: Call of the Wild, and contains a premium bow available for purchase using in-game currency.COMPOUND BOW - BEARCLAW LITE CB-60The Bearclaw Lite CB-60 is a premium color variation of the Razorback Lite CB-60. Bearclaw Lite Compound Bow

Facing the Wild #1

04/18/2017 Free As Doc likes to say, there are as many opinions on the perfect hunting experience as there are hunters. Making your own decisions and personalizing your hunt is what it’s all about. That’s why, in this character customization DLC, we have added new options to give you more diversity and more choice when it comes to creating your hunter.
  • 6 new face for character customization
  • New fur variations for each animal species
Tents & Ground Blinds


4.29 The reserve wardens Conni and Doc have received a new shipment of equipment and thanks to Robert Sommer’s connections, they were able to get their hands on a tent and a ground blind. These new items will make your hunting experience in both Hirschfelden and Layton Lake District even more complete.

Shooting Range

05/29/2017 Free Lately our wardens have received requests from you, our hunters, to add a shooting range so that you could get to know your weapons a little better. Well, your wishes have not fallen on deaf ears and Conni, with help from her friends, has built a brand new, top of the line, shooting range in Hirschfelden. Shooting Range in Hirschfelden

ATV Saber 4X4

06/15/2017 3.99 The wardens recently met at a conference for wildlife management, and realized how they have all noticed a buildup of visitors at the entry points of their respective hunting reserves. Due to frequent requests from hunters and to encourage full exploration of the reserves, the wardens have approved the use of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) within them – but strictly as a mode of transportation.

Using the ATV, hunters and hikers alike will be able to discover more of the hidden beauty lying in wait - and have a great time doing it!

Saber 4x4 ATV


08/31/2017 Free Being prepared is crucial to being a good hunter. However, sometimes you just want to take as much gear as possible and never look back. Thankfully, to accommodate to these hunts, three new backpacks have been added to the store by the reserve wardens.


10/17/2017 7.99 You’ve hunted among the rolling hills of Hirschfelden and explored the iconic Layton Lake District. Now get ready to face nature’s most challenging conditions during a rare hunting expedition to Medved-Taiga National Park. Inspired by the harsh, frozen landscape of Siberia, you’ll traverse the unforgiving tundra, enter into the drunken forests and venture out on the frozen bay. Here, the weather can turn at an instant, leaving you swept in whirling snow and surrounded by cracking
Weapon Pack 1 04/12/2018 3.99 The wardens Connie, Doc and Alena have received a shipment with brand new weapons - the Virant .22LR Semi-Automatic Rifle, the Crosspoint CB-165 and the Houyi Recurve Bow.
New Species 2018 04/12/2018 Free When the reserves initially opened, 12 animal species were huntable between Layton Lake District and Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve, and an additional 4 in Medved-Taiga National Park (paid DLC content). The ecosystems of these reserves are ever-changing, sometimes leading to the emergence of new species...
Wild Goose Chase Gear 06/12/18 3.99 With the appearance of Hirschfelden’s first field fowl, the Canada Goose, it was time for Connie and Doc to order some new items for the store.
Vurhonga Savanna 08/30/18 7.99 Having explored the idyllic Layton Lake District, roamed the hills of Hirschfelden and hunted in the ice-cold forests of Medved-Taiga National Park, it’s time to head south to the Cradle of Life. Vurhonga Savanna is in need of your assistance, and it is up to you to answer the call. Traverse the scrublands, discover the riverlands and venture out into the lush savanna as you assume the role of a Warden and protect the lands from poachers and other potential misfortunes. Opportunities like this are few and far between, so pack your suitcase. Africa is calling!
Duck and Cover Pack 09/27/18 3.99 A fowl has found its way to the Layton Lake District, and Doc’s Outfitters have stocked up with new equipment to best hunt these Mallards.
Parque Fernando 12/13/2018 7.99 You’ve wandered through valleys and hills, savannas and frozen forests but now, it’s time to explore our latest reserve in South America. Parque Fernando has asked for your aid in turning an otherwise wild slice of Patagonia into world class hunting grounds. Roam through the gnarled trunks of the dead forests, traverse the swamps and hills, and make your way across the grasslands as you open outposts, build lodges and prove yourself to the reserve’s fierce owner, Carolina. Only time will tell if you can turn the reserve into a hunter’s paradise.
New Species 2019 02/15/2019 Free As Vurhonga Savanna continues to thrive, Grandfather Njabulo has decided that it is time to reintroduce the largest native carnivore and King of the Beasts - the Lion. Embodying the symbols of royalty and poise in human culture around the world, the Lion is the second-largest of the cats, surpassed only by the tiger. With a muscular and deep chest, the density of their muscles severely complicates shot placement and penetration during a hunt. The lions of Vurhonga Savanna are in their prime and will not take kindly to trespassers on their territory. As a hunter, remain steadfast in your resolve, and keep your wits about you as you venture into the wild to hunt the King of the Jungle.
Weapon Pack 2 02/28/19 3.99 A brand new shipment of weapons has just been delivered to our wardens, and they’re excited to present an incredible combination of new world finesse and old-school reliability
Trophy Lodge Spring Creek Manor 04/11/2019 3.99 Every experienced hunter ends up amassing a sizable trophy collection that deserves to be presented in an appropriate fashion. Spring Creek Manor is perfect as a Trophy Lodge, so show off your prized harvests in a true rustic style.
TruRACS 05/07/2019 Free The long awaited TruRACS (short for True Random Antler Configuration System) has finally arrived to theHunter: Call of the Wild, allowing for an even more immersive hunting experience. Thanks to the system’s randomization of antlers and the introduction of TruScore, a more accurate way of providing a Trophy Rating, players can now encounter animals with antlers of varying sizes and shapes within the same species, with horns and tusks to come in the future.
Treestand and Tripod Pack 06/03/2019 3.99 Our wardens have just received some heavy looking boxes containing exciting new hunting equipment. With this new pack, you will be able to create the perfect ambush using the Deployable Treestand and Deployable Tripod Stands. Through their more stealth-like approach to hunting, your impact on the environment will be reduced, ensuring that your hunting pressure is lowered. So pack your bags hunter, the wild beckons!
Yukon Valley 06/25/2019 7.99 Referred to by some as “The Last Frontier” and “The Land of the Midnight Sun”, it’s hard to deny that Alaska is a place of untamed natural beauty. Under the watchful gaze and devoted care of warden Jim Murray, Yukon Valley has become a haven for knowledgeable hunters and ecologists, looking to maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystem. With its breathtaking environments that stretch from the rolling hills of blood-coloured moss, to the snow-covered mountains framing the reserve; Yukon Valley is spectacular to behold.
Weapon Pack 3 08/01/19 3.99 The wardens have just sent word that a new shipment has been delivered, containing quality hunting weapons like the Eckers .30-06 Bolt-Action Rifle, the Vasquez Cyclone .45 Big Bore Air Rifle, and the Andersson .22LR Semi-automatic Pistol.
High-Tech Hunting Pack DLC 09/18/2019 3.99 Hunting in a stealthy fashion has been easier thanks to the latest equipment delivery to the wardens - the Night Hunting Pack. Through a selected mix of high quality tools you will now be able to track your target with precision in the dark.
  • Koter CB-65 Bow
  • 5x50 Night Vision Binoculars
  • Brightsight Rangefinder Bow Sight
  • Tracer Arrows/Bolts
  • GenZero 1-4x20 Night Vision Rifle Scope
Saseka Safari Lodge 11/14/2019 3.99 It’s time to present your prize trophies in the fashion they deserve. The luxurious and exotic design of the Saseka Safari is perfect to show off your single and multi trophy mounts, or to showcase your favourite weapons on gun racks.
Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve 12/10/2019 7.99 Strolling across dazzling fields and through soft rolling hills, this part of Iberia is a romantic setting for any reserve. It is no wonder that warden & custodian Alejandra considers her soul entwined to the very land itself, this hunting ground of kings. From the oddly graceful marble quarry, soft hills and crumbling monastery, to the meadows covered in sunflowers and lavender alike, Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve will take your breath away.
Smoking Barrels 03/26/20 3.99 A new shipment has just been delivered to the wardens, containing new top-of-the line hunting weapons, like the Hudzik .50 Caplock, M1 Iwaniec and Miller Model 1891.
Silver Ridge Peaks 06/23/2020 (08/11/2020 Consoles) 7.99 This region of the Rocky Mountains has captivated the imagination of many, who have sought to uncover its bounties. Where once people scouted the natural trails of Silver Ridge Peaks in search of silver and gold, they now come seeking a different kind of trophy - to hunt their favourite animals. Whether you are tracking turkeys through the valley or lining up to shoot a mountain goat on a cliff above the cloudline, it's hard to resist taking in the grandeur of the Colorado wilderness.

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