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The European Rabbit is a class 1 animal. It is an animal that can be found in the Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve & Te Awaroa National Park. The European Rabbit is one of five species of rabbits and hares found in the game, along with the European Hare, the White-Tailed Jackrabbit, the Scrub Hare and the Antelope Jackrabbit. They dig burrows in the ground and live in them, unlike the other rabbits who use need zones


Behaviour Docile, constantly on the lookout for predators
Habitat Short grassland
Senses Good hearing and vision, excellent sense of smell
Social Gregarious, lives in small groups
Active During dawn, afternoon, and dusk


Class 1 Ammo
Species Oryctolagus cuniculus
Difficulty Easy


Rabbit Stats.jpg


  • A new element in the game, specifically made for this species.

Active Periods (Out of Burrows)[]

  • 5 : 00 to 9 : 00
  • 12 : 00 to 16 : 00
  • 18 : 00 to 22 : 00

These are supposedly the times where they ventured/are outside their burrows.

Fur Variants[]

The fur variants Brown and Light Grey are relatively common, unlike rare fur variants like Albino, Leucistic and Melanistic.