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"The F.L. Sporter .303 is a rebuilt military surplus rifle and a great option for medium to large game. If it needs some "scrubbing up" to make it like new again that can be a very satisfying project, and once you're done you will have a rifle that's great both for hunting and target practice. The bolt action is smooth, reliable, and easy to cycle quickly."
― In-Game Description

The F.L. Sporter .303 Burnished is a bolt-action rifle chambered in .303 British. Throughout its life, this rifle has seen action on the battlefield, as well as recreational use. The F.L. Sporter is very similar in its overall performance to the Eckers .30-06. It also matches the .270 Huntsman almost exactly in rifle stats, however the .303 ammunition offers more penetration and expansion.

This weapon is available as part of the Te Awaroa National Park DLC.

As with most rifles, two variants of its ammunition are available:

.303 British Soft-Point20534-8150m610
.303 British Polymer-Tip40124-8150m880


F.L. Sporter .303 Polymer[]

The F.L. Sporter .303 Polymer is a much more modern design, swapping the wood body for one made of plastic. The barrel and receiver are also colored black to match the gray body.

F.L. Sporter .303 Laminated[]

The F.L. Sporter .303 Laminated is a variant that features a wooden body with a more prominent grain. The bolt and sights are replaced with a light-gray version. This variant needs to be unlocked through the mission "A Favor for a Friend" in Te Awaroa National Park.

Comparison to other rifles[]

Rifle diagram 2020.png