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"Versatile and elegant, this three-barreled combination gun sports twin side-by-side 16 gauge shotgun barrels atop a single rifle barrel chambered for the powerful 9.3x74R big game cartridge. If you're hunting waterfowl and happen to stumble upon a red deer, this gun has your covered."
― In-Game Description

The Grelck Drilling Rifle Classic is a unique shotgun that has an additional rifle barrel, making it the only combination gun of the game. It sports a standard side-by-side double-barrel design for 16 gauge shells and a third barrel for a high-powered rifle round. Capable of hunting any class of game by switching ammo types, it is one of the most versatile weapons available for hunters. The term "Drilling" is a descriptive term used for combination guns and comes from the German expression for "triplet", indicating that the gun has three barrels.

Switching ammo-types can be done by holding the reload button. The switching ability can be used for hunting large groups of deer by opening with a rifle shot, then quickly switching to buckshot or slugs to catch a few more kills. The gun is listed in the "shotgun" category in the game; however, when using the rifle barrel, it is treated as a rifle. Therefore, it is the only weapon that can grant two different types of weapon score points: When using the 16 gauge shotgun ammunition, one receives shotgun score points and when using the 9.3x74R cartridge one receives rifle score points.

This weapon is available as part of the Weapon Pack 2 DLC.

Unique to the Drilling is the five variants of ammunition available:

16 GA Birdshot00125m180
16 GA Buckshot502-425m530
16 GA Slug37164-750m880
9.3x74R Soft Point20535-9150m610
9.3x74R Polymer-Tip40125-9150m880


Grelck Drilling Rifle Carbon Fiber[]

The Grelck Drilling Rifle Carbon Fiber is a variant that features a modern polymer body, and a black barrel and receiver.

Grelck Drilling Rifle Select[]

The Grelck Drilling Rifle Select is an alternate style aiming to look like a premium version. This includes a traditional wood body, additional inlay work, and a chromed barrel.

Comparison to other shotguns[]