TheHunter: Call of the Wild Wiki

Groundblinds are portable hunting structures that allow the player to deploy custom visual cover.

Groundblinds are part of the Tents & Groundblinds DLC, which must be purchased for 4.29 $/€.

Blinds are limited to 16 per reserve.


The ultimate in transportable camouflage concealment and weather protection. Once deployed, it provides excellent visibility concealment and unrestricted shooting angles in almost any direction.

Notable features include the ability to be deployed almost anywhere, decreased visibility and room for up to 2 hunters within.

Color variants[]

Groundblind timber.jpg
Groundblind conifer.jpg

Known issues[]

Due to changes in the maps to enable outposts to have an interior, the tents and groundblinds tend to dissapear. If this bug occurs, following message will be shown:

A beaver felled a tree on one of your portable structures. It has been removed an returned to your storage.

Groundblinds are less likely to be effected by this bug, because it's not possible to fast travel to them.