TheHunter: Call of the Wild Wiki

The harvest screen will be displayed after the activation of a dead animal (via clicking [E]/(X)). The harvest screen will display various informations about the animal as well as ballistic reports for the hunt of it.

An harvested animal will provide a particular amount of XP and cash as well as weapon score, depending on the species and the kill score.

Information in the harvest screen[]

General Information[]

Harvest Screen General.png

The general information part of the harvest screen contains info's about the animal gender, its weight, its fur color, how long the animal has been tracked, how difficult the animal is to shoot and what kind of trophy the species bears.

Score-influencing information[]


This part of the harvest screen shows information which influence the obtained score for the game. Influencing factors are indicated with the Harvest Check. To pass the Harvest Check you must complete 4 items:

  1. You must hit a vital organ
    1. Vital organs are the brain, heart, lungs, liver, cervical spine, thoracic spine. Note to pass the vital organ check on the spine you must hit the spine itself, not a vertebrae.
  2. You must use the right ammunition for the animal class.
  3. You must kill the animal in 2 or less shots.
  4. You must not shoot the trophy organ

Quick Kill and Consecutive Harvest were removed from the trophy scoring prior to and with the Scoring 2.0 release. They now only count toward your harvest reward of money and XP.

Trophy rating[]

A score based on the size of an animal's "trophy" such as antlers or tusks.

Quick Kill Bonus[]

A modifier based on the time it took for an animal to die from the shot. The shorter the time, the better the score will be. In order to achieve 100% Quick Kill Bonus, the animal must drop in 8 seconds or less.

Integrity Bonus[]

A modifier based on how well the caliber or ammo type of the shot corresponded to the size and type of animal. Shooting an animal with the most ethically suitable ammunition will improve your score.

Consecutive Harvests[]

A modifier based on how consistently the player harvested downed animals. Harvesting all animals which were hit will improve the money reward.


The total score for the harvest, which is displaced in leaderboards and effects the amount of XP and cash reward.

Information about the placed shots[]

Harvest Screen Shot Placement.png

The player can cycle through all the shots that impacted the animal to see more details such as the percentage of total damage done by the shot or organs and bones that were hit. Also, the used weapon, ammunition, shot distance and the obtained weapon score will be displayed.
In multiplayer, also the name of each shooting player will be displayed.


Taxidermization allows the player to save the harvested animal for display in a Hunting Lodge. The animal can be either taxidermized directly via selection of Taxidermize or saved for later taxidermization via selection of Save Harvest. This allows to save harvests for display even if one is short on cash.