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"A state-of-the-art, incredibly powerful bow, capable of sending arrows whizzing at targets at high velocities. Depending on the arrows used, these properties give the bow unusually flat trajectories and enough penetration to take on very large game like moose and black bear when fired at close range."
― In-Game Description

The Hawk Edge CB-70 is the most powerful compound bow available. With a peak draw weight of 70 lbs, it is highly suitable for hunting big game. This high power does come at the price of high recoil, and a lower accuracy. Due to it's lower accuracy its range has been further limited to around 40 meters before shots become increasingly unreliable.

Like all bows, it can use 3 different weights of arrow:

300 gr. Small Game Point1001-220m530
420 gr. Broadhead5002-720m700
600 gr. Broadhead9007-920m880

Comparison to other bows[]

Bow Comparison Graph