The Hawk Edge CB-70 is the most powerful bow in the game. It's the only bow with a peak draw weight of 70 lb, making it the most suitable bow for big game hunt. It's high power comes with the price of low accuracy and high recoil.

As a bow, the Hawk Edge is only suitable for relatively close range hunting, shots up to 50 m are ethical with a peak in effectiveness at around 25 m. Bows are, compared to guns and pistols, highly inaccurate and come with a handful of drawbacks, making them a challenge for the hunter.

Bows can use 3 different kinds of arrows:

Arrow Penetra-






300 gr 10 0 1 20 m
420 gr 50 2
600 gr 90 3

Description Edit

A state-of-the-art, incredibly powerful bow, cabable of sending arrows whizzing at targets at high velocities. Depending on the arrows used, these properties give the bow unusually flat trajectories and enough penetration to take on very large game like moose and black bear when fired at close range.

Comparison to other bows Edit