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The High-Tech Hunting Pack is a paid DLC released on September 38, 2019. This DLC adds various high-tech items to the game. These items include the GenZero 8x50 Night Vision Rangefinder Binoculars, the GenZero 1-4x20 Night Vision Rifle Scope, the Koter CB-65 Bow, the Brightsight Rangefinder Bow Sight, and Tracer Arrows.

Store Description[]

Hunting in a stealthy fashion has been easier thanks to the latest equipment delivery to the wardens - the Night Hunting Pack. Through a selected mix of high quality tools you will now be able to track your target with precision in the dark.

5X50 Night Vision Binoculars[]

Watch the reserves come to life at night through the Night Vision binoculars, designed to increase both visibility and contrast in the dark while leaving depth perception and shapes unaltered. From the largest of predators to the smallest of prey, all animals near to you will have a hard time hiding from your keen gaze.

GenZero 1-4x20 Night Vision Rifle Scope[]

Featuring a high-quality image intensifier tube, a compact design and waterproof battery compartment, the GenZero 1-4x20 Night Vision Rifle Scope will allow you to see beyond the expected in night-time conditions. A long-range IR illuminator completes the package allowing you to acquire your targets from safe distances; but be aware that the effectiveness of this technology is particularly affected by fog and adverse weather conditions.

Koter CB-65 Bow[]

With performances that are exactly in-between the Bearclaw Lite CB-60 and the Hawk Edge CB-70, the Koter CB-65 is a versatile compound bow that can be used in every situation. With a delicate balance between recoil and accuracy, this bow gives its best when hunting medium sized game, but can also be deadly accurate against small and big game, if used with the right arrows.

Brightsight Rangefinder Bow Sight & Tracer Arrows[]

The technology of this sight helps the hunter with the biggest challenge in archery hunting: distance estimation. With the single press of a button, the Brightsight calculates the distance of the target and projects a precise, virtual LED pin that is only visible to the archer, without the clutter of multiple physical pins.

At night, the Tracer Arrows will allow you to track down your prized harvest once you’ve made that first successful shot, thanks to a flashing red LED on the nock. In the off chance your prey manages to escape, you can simply follow the red light to its source and take the animal down.


The Koter CB-65 bow is available in three variations: Orpheus, Hephaestus and Artemis.



  • Despite being marketed as having a zoom of 5x50, the Night Vision Binoculars actually feature a zoom of 8x50.
  • The Koter CB-65 Bow was originally planned to have 3 different variants, however only two were ever implemented.