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Located in the heart of Europe, Hirschfelden is a large hunting reserve with a predominant mix of deciduous beech and aspen forests surrounding rolling hills and farmlands. The western parts of the reserve contain more challenging hunting grounds along mountain slopes and deep spruce forests. Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve is home to the fallow deer, the wild boar, the roe deer, the European bison, the red deer, the red fox, the Canada goose and the European rabbit.

Location & Impressions[]

The Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve is located in central Europe.

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Region Subregions
Hirschdorf Schonfeldt


Königsberg Spreeberg


Hirschfelden Ritterstein


Rotwald Jonsdorf


Rinderland Tichenau


The reserve contains a shooting range in the Rathenfeldt region.

Huntable Animals[]

Class 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Canada Goose

European Rabbit

Red Fox

Roe Deer

Fallow Deer

Wild Boar


Red Deer

// //

European Bison

Recommended Weapons[]



European Rabbit

Canada Goose

Cacciatore 12G
Red Fox

Roe Deer

Ranger .243
Fallow Deer

Wild Boar

Red Deer

7mm Regent Magnum
European Bison Rangemaster 338

Description (Trailer)[]

"Coming out here, struck by the silence...but then if you stand there for a realize it isn't silent at all.

Lots of people feel like they are visiting, but when you are hunting, you are not just visiting, you are part of it.

And the wild draws you step on a twig, you stand with the wind, everything you do leaves a mark. Then when you do see it...that moment...line up the shot, take a deep breath and...

That just have to experience it for yourself."


  • 6 additional outposts have been added to Hirschfelden (will appear revealed on the map if closest lookout tower has been claimed). (Patch 1.8)
  • Fix for various floating objects at the Spreeberg Western Outpost. (Patch 1.9)
  • Rain at Petershain Fields now plays properly. (Patch 1.10)
  • Fix for a crash when entering the southwest corner of Hirschfelden. (Patch 1.11.1)
  • Added possibility to enter upper level in the barn in Hirschfelden. (Patch 1.17)
  • Updated the coastline in Petershain and Müllerwald. (Patch 1.17)
  • Updated the terrain near Ernsdorf and Jonsdorf Lake. (Patch 1.17)
  • Updated spawn- and need-zone maps for animals in Hirschfelden and Layton Lake. (Patch 1.17)
  • Default selection of starting reserve has been changed to Layton Lake. (Patch 1.17)
  • All Outposts now feature interiors that can be entered to rest. (Patch 1.17)
  • Improved environment sound mix for Hirschfelden and Layton Lake. (Patch 1.19)
  • New species: Canada Goose. (Patch 1.20)
  • Fixed issue with the Player's position not being saved at Müllerwald Western Outpost. (Patch 1.29)
  • Fixed issue with textures in Hirschfelden and Yukon Valley. (Patch 1.39)
  • New species: European Rabbit, along with rabbit burrows. (Patch ???)