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Hunting Lodges were introduced with the DLC Trophy Lodge Spring Creek Manor in Patch 1.33.

Each hunting lodge serves the purpose of providing a place for trophy display. To prepare an animal for display in a trophy lodge, the player has to taxidermize the animal in the harvest screen. This costs some cash, the more the larger the animal is. After this, the taxidermized animal can be selected on an empty and appropriate display in the respective hunting lodge. Thereby, each animal can have different poses, depending on the type of display (wall mount, ground display) and animal type. A placed trophy can also be put back to storage at any given time.

Trophy lodges are multiplayer compatible.


Lodge Description Trophy Displays
Spring Creek Manor This spacious British mansion from the 1800s is the perfect location to showcase your favorite trophies. With its exquisite wooden interior, the Spring Creek Manor is the Trophy Lodge of your dreams. Rustic, yet classically furnished, and sporting two floors for you to decorate. So come on in, feel the Persian rugs under your feet and drink in the quiet, nostalgic feel of this lovely country home. //
Saseka Safari Lodge This modern and african theme lodge is the perfect location to showcase your trophies in a huge lodge. Especially build for big games animals showcase. //

Multi-Mounts []

"Set up the perfect hunting moment using Matmat's World Class Taxidermy multi trophy mounts. Placed on any platform or plaque, you will be able to position multiple animals in several realistic poses, visualizing a climactic moment involving your favourite trophies. Recreate incredible moments from the wild or tell an unseen story as you create the ultimate centerpiece for any room in Saseka Safari. This style of mounts will be made available in all trophy lodges."

*Note* : There is no massive mounts in Spring Creek Manor. Therefore, if you only possess this lodge, you won't be able to build the massive multi-mounts. However, you can build all the other ones.

To know more about Multi-Mounts and all you need to know about each specific one, click on the heading "Multi-Mounts"



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