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"A big double that demands respect from even the most skilled hunters, the King 470DB Zenith lives up to its name in stature, efficiency as well as cost. With enough firepower to instantly take down nearly any animal, the King is designed to give hunters a fighting chance when pit against animals that couldn't be phased by more traditional ammunition. Quick to load up, incredibly powerful and double-barreled to even out any hunter's odds in the perilous African wilderness."
― In-Game Description

The King 470DB Zenith is a double-barreled rifle designed for hunting the biggest of game such as Cape Buffalo and Water Buffalo. Currently, it holds the position of being the most powerful weapon in the game. This extreme power comes at the cost of poor accuracy and high recoil, limiting its use to short-range hunting.

It is available as part of the Vurhonga Savanna Reserve DLC.

As with most rifles, two variants of its ammunition are available:

.470 Nitro Express Soft Point25100975m2000
.470 Nitro Express Full Metal Jacket10023975m2660


King 470DB Apex[]

The King 470DB Apex is a color variant featuring a matte gray body and a brushed metal barrel.

Comparison to other rifles[]

Rifle diagram 2020.png


  • The price of the Zenith was reduced from originally 125000 to 90000 (Patch 1.23)
  • The price of its ammunition was reduced to 2000 (from 5000; SP) and 2660 (from 6500; FMJ) (Patch 1.23)