With performance that lies in the sweet spot between the Bearclaw Lite CB-60 and the Hawk Edge CB-70, the Koter CB-65 is a versatile compound bow, useful in every situation. Striking a delicate balance between recoil and accuracy, this bow is at its best when hunting medium sized game, but can also be deadly accurate against small and big game, when paired with the right arrows.

The Koter CB-65 Orpheus is a compound bow with a 65 pound peak draw weight. This puts it in the spot between the Bearclaw Lite CB-60, and the Hawk Edge CB-70 in terms of power. A great rounded bow for those looking for a weapon that can fill any role.

This weapon is available as part of the High-Tech Hunting Pack DLC.

Like all bows, it can use 3 different weights of arrow:

300 gr. Small Game Point1001-220m530
420 gr. Broadhead5002-720m700
600 gr. Broadhead9007-920m880


Koter CB-65 Hephaestus

The Koter CB-65 Hephaestus is an alternate style featuring a red body with black bowlimbs.


  • There was originally 3 variations planned, the third being the Artemis. Unfortunately only two were ever released and the third skin isn't found anywhere in the game's files. The only remaining documentation of this third is seen on the Steam store page for the High-Tech Hunting Pack
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