TheHunter: Call of the Wild Wiki

Landmarks are structures spread around the reserves. The landmarks give a little bit of information about the maps history or geography. First time visiting the landmarks will give a player a little bit of experience (XP).

Hirschfelden (Credits : Moses) (There might be more)[]

1. Tichenau Lonely Windmill

"The old sawmill of the 18th Century who is nowadays standing alone after a fire destroyed the others Windmills in 1965"

2. Spreeberg Castle

"The Spreeberg Castle is probably the most known location east of the Spreeberg Lake, in the center of the reserve. The Lords of Königsberg long ago sat in this castle. We can find the earliest accounts of its existence in sources dating from 1225."

3. Ikotz Bridge

"An arch type bridge 150 years old. We can se it forming a complete circle courtesy of its reflection in the water in sunny days."

4. Schonfeldt Windmills

"Those Windmills are dating the years 1000's and attracts numerous visitors."

5. Schonfeldt Bunkers

"The bunkers used by the Germans in the First World War (WW1) are hidden amongst those trees."

6. Spree Bathing Area

"Sommer did make this artificial beach with 20 tons of sand."

7. Rinderland Gorge

8. Rathenfeldt Grave Mounts

9. Petershain Turbines

10. Petershain Ruin Village

"The ruins, which were probably part of an fortress protecting the Hirschfelden River Delta in the XVIIth Century [17th]."

11. Petershain Tower Ruin

12. Old Muller

13. Mullerwald Logging Area

"Wood exportation is an important human activity in this part of Europe. The Substainable Management began in Germany approximately three hundreds years ago. The controls measures have temporarily ceased in this specific zone."

14. Ernsdorf Cave

"The Ernsdorf Cave is located in the west portion of the reserve and is suggested only to savvy explorators. The speologists are fascinated by these darks & deep tunnels which are notably populated by protee eel, a species usually residing more to the south of Europe."

15. Ernsdorf Bridge

"It is one of the biggest bridges made of rocks in the world. It is unique because its materials having served in its construction came from neighbouring mountains."

16. Bohndorf Lake Fishing Cabin

"You can find a charming little fishing cabin of the beginning of the 20th Centrury near the Bohndorf Lake and the mountains of the north-west.