Layton Lake District provides hunters from all over the world with a taste of the untamed wild, with few traces of civilization. Located in the Pacific Northwest, the area is predominantly covered by spruce, larch and aspen forests, rocky mountain slopes and marshlands in between. Plan your hunting trip carefully before taking on some of the most sought-after game like Moose, the Black Bear, the Roosevelt Elk, the Whitetail Deer, the Coyote, the Blacktail Deer, the Mallard, and the Jackrabbit.

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The Layton Lake District is located at the Pacific Northwest of North America.

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Layton Lake

Regions Edit

Region Subregion
Layton Lows Roonachee

Mount Kraken

Highton Peaks Willipeg


Southern Ridge Cheelah

Mount Leviatan

Northern Ridge Norden


Lake District Balmont

High Lake

Huntable Animals Edit


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Jackrabbit icon


Mallard icon


Coyote icon


Blacktail deer icon

Blacktail Deer

Whitetail deer icon

Whitetail Deer

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Black bear icon

Black Bear

Roosevelt elk icon

Roosevelt Elk

Moose icon



Recommended Weapons Edit

Animal Weapon


Shotgun with Birdshot

Blacktail Deer

Whitetail Deer

Ranger .243
Black Bear

Roosevelt Elk


Rangemaster 338

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TheHunter- Call of the Wild - Layton Lake District Trailer

TheHunter- Call of the Wild - Layton Lake District Trailer

Transcript: "The perfect hunting experience... Well there is just many about opinions on that as there are hunters. Some loves the beech forests and farmlands of a place like Hirschfelden... But me, I prefer a different kind of Wild. Where snow covered peaks surrounds valleys several miles wide. That is Layton Lakes District, the best hunting reserve you'lle find in an hundred miles. Whether doing tasks for the locals or just hunting deers for your heart content, you're free to explore this Pacific-Northwest Reserve however you want. You may find your favorite hunting spot around a large valley lake or deep inside a dense spruce forest. Layton Lakes District is home some of the most majestic animals in the wild like the Moose, the Black Bear and the Mighty Roosevelt's Elk. Bagging one of these will required a combination of the right equipment, skillful tracking and stalking so you can get close enough for a clean shot. Few things beat hunting together with a group of friends though, everyone can bring their own skills and hunting equipment and play a part in finding an downed and that big one. In the end, how, what and where you wanna hunt is all up to you and a truely immersive next generation hunting experience awaits!"

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