The Lynx is a small sized animal (class 1). It can be hunted in the Medved Taiga National Park.

Description Edit

The Eurasian lynx is a medium-sized cat native to Siberia, Asia, and Europe. It's the largest species of lynx with males weighing in between 18 - 45 kg (40 - 99 lb) and females between 8 - 21 kg (18 - 46 lb). During summer, the Eurasian lynx has a relatively short, reddish or brown coat. in winter this is replaced by a much thicker coat of silky fur that varies from silver-grey to greyish brown. The fur is almost always marked with black spots. Lynxes are very powerful ambush predators and have been known to take prey many times their size, including adult deer weighing to at least 150 kg (330 lb). Lynxes are solitary throughout most of the year, are typically active during the night and keep to forested areas where there is plenty of covers available. They have great eyesight and excellent hearing and avoid humans whenever possible which makes them challenging to hunt.

Features Edit

Behaviour Skittish
Habitat Prefer forests
Senses Good hearing and excellent vision
Social Solitary
Active During night
Recommended Equipment Weapon Class 1, Predator "Jackrabbit" Caller
Species Lynx lynx
Difficulty 1 (Trivial) - 9 (Legendary)

Shot scheme Edit

Color code
Lynx shot scheme
Red - Kills immediately
Blue - Kills very quick
Orange - Kills slowly
No Color - Unlikely to kill

Pictures Edit