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"The Martensson 6.5mm is a modern bolt-action rifle manufactured by Swedish weaponsmiths. Designed to satisfy the needs of hunters and range shooters alike, this rifle features a smooth and reliable action encased in a lightweight frame. Its versatility, long-range accuracy and the growing popularity of 6.5mm ammunition have allowed the Martensson 6.5mm to become a best-seller across the whole of Europe."
― In-Game Description

The Mårtensson 6.5mm Thunder is a bolt-action rifle with high accuracy and a generous magazine. Sharing the same role as the .30-06 weapons, this rifle finds itself at home whether you're baiting Fallow Deer, or tracking Moose. The increased range on the 6.5mm rounds make it an excellent choice for those looking to utilize hunting stands.

This weapon is available as part of the Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve DLC.

As with most rifles, two variants of its ammunition are available:

6.5mm Soft-Point20204-8200m400
6.5mm Polymer-Tip4044-8200m650


Mårtensson 6.5mm Lightning[]

The Martensson 6.5mm Lightning is a variant that swaps out the olive green body with a beige body.

Mårtensson 6.5mm Rayo[]

The Mårtensson 6.5mm Rayo is a special variant that is unlocked by completing the quests of the Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve. The polymer body has been replaced with a dark stained wood with intricate engraving on the grips.


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Comparison to other rifles[]

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