Far from civilization and a challenge for hunters, adventurers and scientists alike, the Taiga, with its frozen valleys, mountains, and unreliable weather conditions, will put your navigation and tracking skills to the test. Hunters looking for a variety of game will not be disappointed as the Siberian mainland is home to solid populations of brown bear, moose, reindeer, lynx, and the curious musk deer and wild boar.

The Medved-Taiga National Park is included in a paid DLC and can be purchased for 7.99€/$.

Location Edit

The Medved Taiga National Park is located in Siberia, a northern part of Asia.

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Regions Edit

Region Subregion
Ledyanoy Bay Rybatskiy Bay

Zabolochennye Lands

P'yanaya Taiga Lesnye Lands

P'yanyy Forest

Zverolova Hill Zverolova Hill
Besplodnoye Plateau Mamontovaya Tundra

Pustaya Mountain

Vetrenyye Plains Dikiy Coast

Bol'shoye Lake Taiga

Huntable animals Edit

Class 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Animals //
Musk deer icon

Musk Deer

Lynx icon

Eurasian Lynx

Wild boar icon

Wild Boar

Reindeer icon


Brown bear icon

Eurasian Brown Bear

Moose icon



Recommended Weapons Edit

Animals Weapon
Musk Deer

Eurasian Lynx

Wild Boar

Whitlock Model 86
Reindeer 7mm Regent Magnum
Eurasian Brown Bear


.300 Canning Magnum
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