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Missions on the Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve are provided by the reserve warden Cornelia Holzer. Currently, the reserve has 75 missions: 25 main missions and 50 side missions.

Main Missions[]

Mission Description Objective
The first steps Welcome to Central Europe! Track down and harvest your first animal! Locate,spot and shoot an animal
Getting the lay of the land If you want to get your bearings, theire are lookout points spread out all over the reserve. Visit an lookout point.
Stocking up Be sure to stop by one of the outposts. They're essentially base camps Visit an outpost
Jäger - A picture for her book Gerlinde Jäger is writing her second book on fallow deer. At the moment, she is interestes in the interactions between fallows and other animals. She has noticed that fallow bucks chasing roe deer away in the are around Rathenfeldt's main outpost. Conni has asked you to investigate the area and take a photo of a fallow deer. -Travel to Rathenfeld-Take a picture of a fallow deer
Jäger - Saving Sommer's Cornfields Conni introduces Königsberg's landowner, Robert Sommer. He likes to have his say when it comes to his land and has a problem with the fallow deer eating all of his farmer's corn. He has been in contact with Gerline about this, but since she is focusing on her book, Conni has requested your help. -Travel to Pertershain Cornfields-Harvest 2 fallow deer
Sommer - Mr. Sommer's bow Robert Sommer appreciated your help with protecting his cornfields from hungry fallow deer. Sommer hunts recreationally in the area a few times a month with his wealthy friends. Their prey are mostly rabbits, foxes and sometimes roe deer. They particularly love to hunter using bows. Sommer is a real weapon and equipment enthusiast and will be able to give you a lot of advice on those. He has asked you to harvest a fox in Spreeberg using a certain kind of bow. -Travel to Spreeberg-Harvest 1 fox downed with a 60 lb bow
Jäger - The deer and the sea Gerlinde is still missing some pictures for her book. She needs another picture of a fallow deer. This time with Königsberg Lake in the background. -Travel to southeastern Petershain-Take a picture of a fallow deer with Königsberg Lake in the background
Bhandari - Investigating the bison Dr. Vinay Bhandari is a member of the European Bison Advisory Organization, whose goal is the reintroduction of bison to Europe. The results have been phenomenal and the population has grown and spread beyond Rinderland. Howevr, troubling side effects have developed from the spread and some of the bisons have become ill. Bhandari has asked for your help with retrieving a sample from a deceased bison to investigate the cause. -Travel to Rinderland Gorge-Find the carcass and retrieve a blood sample
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Side Missions[]

Jäger Missions[]

Mission Description Objective
Jäger #1 Thanks for your help with the picture. Here's a little challenge for you!
  • Travel to Rathenfeld-Find 5 tracks from the same fallow deer
Jäger #2 Could you investigate calls between fallow deer? The mating season has begun.
  • ID calls from 2 different fallow deer
Jäger #3 Wow, they are everywhere. Have a look to the east!
  • Spot 3 different fallow deer
Jäger #4 Need a picture of a fallow deer up-close, could you find one?
  • Take a picture of a fallow deer within 50.00 m
Jäger #5 Thank you so much for your help with Erik! Here's a tip: You get a great view from one of the towers near the windmills
  • Travel to Schonfeldt Windmills
  • Harvest wildlife downed with a scoped weapon from a hunting stand
Jäger #6 Now let's pick up some speed, get two of those really beautiful ones!
  • Harvest 2 fallow deer downed with a .243 caliber rifle and earn a GOLD score or higher.
Jäger #7 Have you tried the blinds yet, they are good to use when there's no coverage around. Try one in Schonfeldt!
  • Travel to Schonfeldt Strawfields
  • Harvest 2 animals downed from a ground blind in Schonfeldt Strawfields.
Jäger #8 I have found a trail along the river, you should be able to find some fallows if you go there now.
  • Travel to Hirschdorf River.
  • Harvest 3 fallow deer.
Jäger #9 Long-range night hunting is some of the most difficult you can try. Are you up for it?
  • Harvest a fallow deer downed at least 150.00 m away at night with a .270 caliber rifle.
Jäger #10 The most beautiful deer I have seen in a long time has been sighted at the Schonfeldt bunkers. An albino no less!
  • Travel to Schonfeldt Bunkers.
  • Harvest the albino fallow deer.

Bhandari Missions[]

Mission Description Objective
Bhandari #1 My poor bison, i hope we can find the cause of this. Please help me with some more research.
  • Travel to Rinderland Groge-Spot a bison
Bhandari #2 We are investigating the population and any additional traces of brucellosis amomgst the bison.
  • ID 3 unique types of tracks from 3 different bison
Bhandari #3 We would like to investigate the possibility of sterilizing the female bison. Could be easier to harvest at night.
  • Harvest a female bison at night.
Bhandari #4 Continue with the population investigation in Ernsdorf, there are to many bison there!
  • Travel to Ernsdorf-Take a picture of 3 different bison in Ernsdorf
Bhandari #5 No time for more photos pal! We have to take out some of the big potent males.
  • Harvest a male bison weighing at least 700.00 kg.
Bhandari #6 The bison scare easily from the sound of guns, try a bow instead!
  • Travel to the Tichenau lookout tower.
  • Harvest a bison downed with a bow.
Bhandari #7 Sommerfest this, Sommerfest that. What about the bison!? Two sick males have been sighted in eastern Tichenau.
  • Travel to Tichenau.
  • Harvest 2 sick male bison.
Bhandari #8 You know that bridge in Ernsdorf, we had a traffic accident there the other day. A bison was seen wandering around, it might be hurt.
  • Travel to the bridge at Ernsdorf.
  • Harvest a hurt bison downed with a handgun.
Bhandari #9 ???
  • Travel to Schonfeldt.
  • Harvest a bison downed within 30 m.
Bhandari #10 Thanks for all your help with the bison this season. One last task: A wounded bison was sighted again, near the cave in Ernsdorf. This one might be aggressive though!
  • Travel to Ernsdorf Cave.
  • Harvest the wounded bison at night.

Sommer Missions[]

Mission Description Objective
Sommer #1 You liked the bow I suggested? Check out the roe deer in the area!
  • Travel to Spreeberg
  • ID a call from a roe deer
  • Find a track from a roe deer
  • Find droppings from a roe deer
Sommer #2 Check out the fields of Petershain, you should be able to find a good one there!
  • Travel to Petershain
  • Harvest a deer at night
Sommer #3 Around Petershain Lake, the roe deer have really taken a few bites out of the farmers' crops. Try to do something about it, and soon if you can!.
  • Travel to Petershain Lake
  • Harvest two roe deer
Sommer #4 Heard about Erik, good job! Try using a scope and take a roe out from afar!
  • Harvest a roe deer downed at least 100.00 m away with a .243 caliber rifle.
Sommer #5 Keep on thinning the population out, the farmers are still complaining!
  • Harvest 4 roe deer
Sommer #6 The big ones are the ones that eat the most crops. Take them out!
  • Harvest 2 roe deer weighing at least 25.00 kg each that were downed with a .270 caliber rifle.
Sommer #7 Thanks for your work, but the deer are still sabotaging around Spreeberg, please hunt them down over there!
  • Travel to Spreeberg.
  • Harvest 3 roe deer downed in Spreeberg.
Sommer #8 Don't let them hear it coming, use the bow!
  • Harvest 2 roe deer weighing at least 25.00 kg each that were downed with a bow.
Sommer #9 The ground blind is ingenious. I usually can get pretty close to the deer that way. Try one out close to the cornfields!
  • Travel to Petershain Cornfields.
  • Harvest 3 roe deer downed from a ground blind at night.
Sommer #10 I'd like an estimate on the amount of deer around the Petershain Turbines, ID a few of them please. You can, of course, hunt a few as well!
  • Travel to the Petershain Turbines.
  • Spot 3 unique roe deer
  • Harvest 1 roe deer

Fleischer Missions[]

Mission Description Objective
Fleischer #1 Thanks so much! I love the area around Bohndorf Lake, try visiting the waterfront there to catch another one!
  • Travel to Bohndorf Lake.
  • Harvest a red deer.
Fleischer #2 Please investigate the red deer's behavior by gathering some info in the area!
  • Travel to Bohnsdorf Canyon
  • ID a track from a red deer
  • Spot a red deer
  • Identify a call from a red deer
Fleischer #3 Could you try to find a really, really nice one please? In the area around where I grew up!
  • Travel to Bohndorf Hill.
  • Harvest 2 red deer at night.
Fleischer #4 Personally, I'm not a big fan of Robert Sommer. Could you please find a big red deer? 120 kg at least!
  • Travel to Rotwald.
  • Harvest a red deer weighing at least 120.00 kg.
Fleischer #5 And another big one, please! But this time you should visit the area around Jonsdorf.
  • Travel to Johnsdorf
  • Harvest a red deer weighing at least 180.00 kg that was downed with a .45-70 caliber rifle
Fleischer #6 The red deer are fantastic animals, show some respect by hitting them straight in the heart! That way they don't suffer.
  • Harvest a female red deer downed with a vital hit to the heart.
Fleischer #7 This time I want you to go all sneaky on them, don't scare them. Make yourself comfortable, and lie down prone.
  • Travel to Jonsdorf.
  • Harvest 3 red deer downed while prone at night.
Fleischer #8 I like the blinds. They cover you from the sun and it's just really cozy having your morning coffee in there while waiting.
  • Harvest 2 red deer downed from at least 100.00 m away and from a ground blind.
Fleischer #9 I haven't been as close to a red since that day when I was lost in the woods, they are truly beautiful up close. You have to see it to believe it!
  • Travel to Bohndorf Canyon.
  • Take a picture of a red deer in close proximity.
Fleischer #10 I used to get lost in the hills of Bohndorf a lot. Why don't you go there, it is really beautiful!
  • Travel to Bohndorf Hill.
  • Harvest a red deer downed with a .454 caliber revolver, and earn a SILVER score or higher.