The Moose is are the largest kind of deer (class 4). It can be hunted in the Layton Lake District and the Medved Taiga National Park.

Description Edit

Moose are the largest species in the deer family and are easily distinguished by their long legs, head, and snout, as well as their large shovel-like (palmated) antlers. Their fur is typically dark brown, grey and sometimes black. Males feature a dewlap, which is a fatty piece of skin under the chin. Moose are commonly found in most of the Northern Hemisphere and thrive in temperate and subarctic climates. They often reach an impressive height of 2 m (6.9 ft) and weigh between 200 - 500 kg (440 - 1080 lb), Moose are herbivores and solitary animals that are rarely found in groups or herds. Although they are often slow-moving and calm animals, they can easily become aggressive if startled or threatened. When hunting moose, shot placement is essential as they are very tough and surprisingly nimble.

Features Edit

Behaviour Docile, but easily defensive
Habitat Prefer coniferous forests and wetlands
Senses Great sense of smell and good hearing
Social Typically solitary
Active During dusk and dawn


Weapon Class 4, Moose Caller, Moose Scent
Species Alces alces
Difficulty 1 (Trivial) - 5 (Medium)

Shot scheme Edit

Color code
Moose shot scheme
Red - Kills immediately
Blue - Kills very quick
Orange - Kills slowly
No Color - Unlikely to kill

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Shotgun Ammo Edit

Bows and Crossbows Edit

  • Crossbows loaded with 600gr Broadhead Bolt
  • Bows loaded with 600gr Arrow

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