The Mule Deer is a class 6 deer. It can be hunted in the Parque Fernando and Silver Ridge Peaks.

Description Edit

The mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) is a species of deer named for its ears, which bear a resemblance to the large ears of a mule. While native to Western North America, the mule deer have been introduced to other parts of the world like Argentina for hunting purposes. The mule deer is related to the whitetail and blacktail deer but has evolved to be better than both in navigating in rugged mountainous terrain. In its native American range it is found in uneven terrain where sagebrush or coniferous forest are present. However it also inhabits open plains and even semi deserts. It stands larger than the whitetail deer, often reaching over 100 cm at the shoulder and having a nose-to-tail length of over 2 meters, additionally having significantly less variation across ranges. A highly sought after trophy animals and frequently hunted where found, the mule deer can present an incredible trophy. Their antlers are bifurcated, as opposed to branching from a single main beam, which is the case for with whitetails.

Features Edit

Behaviour Calm
Habitat Plains, forests, and grasslands
Senses Excellent sense of hearing and smell, overall decent visual sense
Social Common herds in winter, but segregated male and female populations in spring
Active Dawn to dusk


Weapon Class 6, Mule Deer Scent, Deer "Bleat" Caller
Species Odocoileus hemionus
Difficulty Average

Need Zone Times Edit

Times Activity
0:00-4:30 Feeding
4:00-9:30 Resting
9:00-12:30 Drinking
12:00-17:30 Resting
17:00-21:30 Feeding
21:00-00:30 Drinking

Integrity Edit

There are 18 ammunition that give full integrity bonus on the Mule Deer.

  • 9 Rifle Ammo
  • 3 Shotgun ammo
  • 3 Handgun ammo
  • 3 Archery ammo 

Fur variants Edit

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