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"The perfect companion for a hunter with a full day planned, the 20GA Semi-auto is a versatile arm for the demanding shooter. Expertly regulates gas pressure for reliability and fantastic handling on all of its loads. Autoloading action, paired with 3 shell capacity, ensures several shots on the target, maximizing the yield from any hunt, be it small to medium sized game, upland game or waterfowl."
― In-Game Description

The Nordin 20SA Serviceman is a semi-auto 20 gauge shotgun. It shares many of the same characteristics as the Strecker SxS 20G family, but with the benefit of a larger shell capacity. The three round capacity makes it an excellent candidate for hunting upland game.

This weapon is available as part of the Duck and Cover Pack DLC.

As with most shotguns, three variants of its ammunition are available:

20 GA Birdshot00125m150
20 GA Buckshot402-525m500
20 GA Slug33164-750m800
20 GA Steel Birdshot00125m150


Nordin 20SA Artisan[]

The Nordin 20SA Artisan is a variant featuring designs. The body is built from a dark red wood, while the barrel and receiver are a dark silver.

Nordin 20SA Clandestine[]

The Nordin 20Sa Clandestine features a grass texture covering the entire weapon.


  • This weapon has two unused variant images in the game's files. One is a black polymer version, and the other is a gold and white style with golden filigree on the stock, receiver, and foregrip.

Comparion to other shotguns[]