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At the end of the world, where the barren Patagonian Steppe meets the balmy southern beech forests, lies Parque Fernando. Game imported from every continent thrive in this land of plenty. In the wetlands, cinnamon teal flock to the lakes, while water buffalo gather at the swamps. The grasslands and forests teem with blackbucks and a variety of deer: spotted axis deer, hearty mule deer and magnificent red deer. Hunting them all from the highlands to the low is Parque Fernando's apex predator, the puma.
—In-game Description

The Parque Fernando is located in Argentina, South America. The warden of the reserve is Carolina Vargas. It is also home to an archery range located at the Prados De Lupinos subregion of Tierra Vargas.


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Worldmap Fernando


Region Subregion
Regne Del Stags Tierra Altas

Bosque Muerto

Lago Gallegos Junto al Lago

Lago Bebe

Tierra Vargas Prados De Lupinos

Estepa Dorada

Tierres Silvestres Selva Puma

Bosque de Eva

​​​​Huntable Animals[]

Buzzing with life, Parque Fernando sports a large range of wildlife. Get ready to spot a vibrant Cinnamon Teal taking flight, or a Blackbuck pronking as you make your way across the reserve. Not to mention the fact that the park nourishes some the biggest, most exquisite bucks you’ll ever hunt, like the Mule Deer, Red Deer and Axis Deer. Just remember: you are not the apex predator here. That job belongs to the Pumas, and they don’t like to share. This majestic feline can be spotted stalking and chasing after its prey and if you’re especially quiet, you might even find catch one feeding on its prize.

Class Class1Icon

Cinnamon Teal




Axis Deer


Collared Peccary




Mule Deer


Red Deer

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Water Buffalo

"Boss animal" of this map is puma Fernanda (having the low silver status).

This map contain Red Deer 'great one'.


Framed by hills, Parque Fernando houses a variety of environments to explore. Stroll through the snags of the dead forest, wander the steppes and lupine meadows in search of game, or make your way to the tranquil lakes that pepper the park.


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Like all previously released reserves, Parque Fernando stretches over a massive 25 square miles (64 square kilometers). It’s up to you if you want to explore off the beaten path and discover the secrets of the reserve, or if you decide to take on the captivating new story, with 16 new narrative missions, and 39 side missions.

Through the years, Carolina met the demands of leading her family and her real estate business, but at a price. While she never had enough time to tend to the unfinished reserve, she was always determined to one day finish what she and Fernando started. That day has now come, and she has called for your aid, hoping to turn her slice of wild Patagonia into a world class hunting reserve.

Assist Carolina in building the new lodge for Parque Fernando, and decorate it with your collection of diamond trophies, one from each species of the reserve. Or visit the state-of-the-art archery/shooting range, where you can put your aiming skills to the test. Make sure to keep an eye out for the reserves challenge targets, which are scattered across the grounds.


"There are hunters and then ... there are elite hunters. The elite never settled for gold when there is the glimpse of a diamond, they climbed the highest mountains, patiently searching for the right moment to break the silence with a perfect shot. At Parque Fernando, every hunter patience is rewarded with the hunt of a lifetime. Lines of Axis Deer roams the Steppes, our lupine meadows teams with majestic spiraled horns Blackbuck, our grass feeds the largest Mule Deer's in the America's, and ours lakes are the most tranquil places, where you come find flocks of red and blue Cinnamon Teals... and for the most elite hunters, Parque Fernando comes to record-setting Red Deers, the finest you will find on Earth. Just remember, you are not the Apex Predator here... That job belongs to the Pumas and they don't like to share. So what kind of hunter are you ? Find out... In Wild Patagonia!"