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Points of Interest are locations on the map that provide additional informations either about the region they are in or about the characters of reserve. They are visualized as piles of stone.

Hirschfelden (38/39) (Credits : Moses)[]

1. Red Deer Canyon

"This Canyon is named "The Red Deer Canyon". Albertina Fleischer there lost herself when she was young and she tell people that she was saved by a red deer."

2. Mount Burgen

3. The Bohndorf Meteorite

4. The Mullerwald Poem

"The Fascination that people felt for firearms depends entirely on which side of the firearm they are standing" [P. G. Wodehouse]

5. Konigsberg Lake

6. The Rathenfeldt Poem

7-10. A Written Note x4 [#7, #8, #9, #10]

"Go towards north, then take the first left. Follow the trail that leads to the ruins and search the area"

"Find the tower on the hill, a reward for you awaits."

"I spent an superb day with the kids. The view from the hill of Petershain was incredible. I would have loved that you were there." - Emma

11. Hunting Tip

12. The Konigsberg Heir

"Robert Sommer is one of the potential heirs of the noble family of Königsberg. He is responsible of the issuance of hunting permits and manage the Königsberg Region as well as the surroundings."

13. The Landslide

14. Red Deer Water

15. Robert "Strong Elk" Fog

16. About The Red Fox

"The Red Fox has a incredibly sharp hearing, the latter capable of hearing a mouse squeak from an approximate of 100 meters."

17. Note By Dr. Otto Canella

18. The Christmas Tree

19. About the Wild Boar

20. The German Peasants' War

"The Fields of Schonfeldt have seen unfold one of the most violent battles of the German Peasant's War in 1525.É

21. The Spree Nixe

"Spree-Nixe is an popular figure of modern German folklore. Similar to the Greek Arenas, it attracts men to drown them in the Spreeberg Lake."

22. About the Bison

"In the United States of America, bisons were killed in the years 1870's more than in any other decade, particularly in 1872, 1873 and 1874. During these 3 years, estimations suggests 4 millions & a half bisons were killed. [ 4 500 000 in 3 years]."

23. The European Bison Advisory Organization

24. Red Deer Venison

"Elizabeth II continue to follow to this day the habit of offering de best pieces of red deer venison to members of the Cabinet."

25. Wild Boar Land

"The Zone which extends in the surroundings is supposedly home to an approximative 82 000 wild boars."

26. Hirschdorf River

"To the east, you will be able to see the mouth of the Hirschdorf River which discharges itself in the Königsberg Lake."

27. A Warning

"These woods are oftently arpented by wild boars. It is suggested for adults with kids to avoid them."

28. Sommer's Land

29. The World Famous Deer

30. Red Deer Hill

31. Star Hunting Tours

"The "Star Hunting Tours" agency is an familial entreprise that was created by the father of Tressler, Hans Tressler, in 1985."

32. Hunting with Birds

"The art of falconry developped rapidly in Germany between the sixth & seventeenth century. Frederic II, the Emperor, is actually the author of the first traitee of falconry, The Arte Venandi cum Avibus ("The Art of Hunting with Birds")."

33. The Deer Roast

"A ideal deer roast weighs 1.5 kg and feeds 8 persons. Indeed, an 2 kg roast will not prevent a good roasting and a 1 kg roast will demands more attention in its cooking by its smaller size of its "tranches", which typically result in the lost of some parts of the roast."

34. About the Fallow Deer

"The coat of the Fallow Deer is spotted with white in Summer and brown in Winter."

35. The History of Spreeberg

36. The Spruce Tree

"Rumors circulates of the presence of a more than three thousands years old [3000] spruce tree in this region."

37. Note by G. Jager

"This location is our world favorite alongside Erik." - G. Jager

38. The Wurm Glaciation

39. Unknown ? (Yet to be found or there might be only 38 POI)

Layton Lakes (33) (List unknown)[]

From a steam discussion. Detailed list to what their names are isn't available currently.