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"A very powerful and durable weapon built for the most extreme conditions. The .338 cartridge, combined with state-of-the-art weapon technology, makes this weapon ideal for very large game such as moose and bear. With its proven stopping power, .338 has become a popular choice among guides and outfitters that make their living in bear hunt."
― In-Game Description

The Rangemaster 338 is the second most powerful rifle in the game. It is designed for taking down large game such as Bison and Water Buffalo with a single shot. While incredibly powerful, the large-caliber rounds result in massive recoil and are wholly unfit for hunting anything less than a Brown Bear.

As with most rifles, two variants of its ammunition are available:

.338 Mag. Soft-Point22687-9150m790
.338 Mag. Polymer-Tip45367-9150m1050


Comparison to other rifles[]