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The Trophy Rating is an evaluation of animal's trophy, such as antlers or horns. If animal features no distinct trophy, then usually weight is used to determine its Trophy Rating. Trophy Rating is only comparable within the same species - there's no point in comparing a white-tailed jackrabbit Trophy Rating to that of a blacktail deer.

Trophy Rating generally determines the medal you get when harvesting an animal:

  • if the animal has no trophy organ (for example female deer species), then the medal is NONE
  • if the Trophy Rating is lower than 20% of the animal's maximum TR, then the medal is BRONZE
  • if the Trophy Rating is between 20% and below 60% of the animal's maximum TR, then the medal is SILVER
  • if the Trophy Rating is between 60% and below 90% of the animal's maximum TR, then the medal is GOLD
  • if the Trophy Rating is 90% of the animal's maximum TR or higher, then the medal is DIAMOND
  • GREAT ONE is the highest medal rating. This class is extremely rare and has some unusual characteristics, also reflected in a trophy rating score that is far outside the usual range.

Harvest Check[]

Harvest Check determines whether the animal was downed ethically and effectively. If Harvest Check is failed, the medal is lowered by 1 level (so potential Diamond becomes Gold, potential Gold becomes Silver and so on).

To pass the Harvest Check, you need to meet these 4 conditions:

  • correct ammo class must be used: every animal in the game falls into a specific Animal Class - for example White-tailed Jackrabbit is class 1, Blacktail Deer is class 4 and so on; every ammo can be used on a number of classes - for example .243 can be used on classes 2 through 6; that means you can use .243 to down a Blacktail Deer (class 4) but not a Jackrabbit (class 1)
  • animal must be downed with 1 or 2 shots: you can't expect to shoot the animal 8 times and still get the highest possible rewards, so make sure to aim for vital organs
  • animal's trophy organ must be intact - trophy organs are typically antlers, horns, or skull, so avoid shooting the animal in the head to pass this check
  • hit a vital organ - this is to ensure the shots are ethical and the animal dies as quickly as possible; aim for a heart, lung, liver, neck, or brain to pass this check; note that damaging the brain usually means damaging the skull and failing the "trophy organ must be intact" requirement. Spinal cord shots are considered unethical, even though in the game they make the animal die very quickly. Lastly, this check is passed automatically in case of small game, such as Jackrabbits or Mallards


For each harvest, you can get additional XP and cash rewards through 2 bonuses:

Quick Kill Bonus[]

The bonus is based on the time an animal takes to die after the hit. The shorter the time, the higher the bonus gets.

  • Minimum: 0% - The animal dies after a long period of time from bleeding out, usually due to poor shot placement.
  • Maximum: 100% - The animal dies on the spot or runs a few meters away from the spot of being shot

Consecutive Harvests Bonus[]

This bonus merely indicates that all animals that were killed were also harvested. It requires 5 consecutive harvests to get the maximum monetary reward of a kill. If one animal, that was killed, was not harvested if the game was exited, this bonus falls to 0%.

  • 1st harvest - 20%
  • 2nd harvest - 40%
  • 3rd harvest - 60%
  • 4th harvest - 80%
  • 5th harvest - 100%


The Difficulty reflects how "big" the animal is in terms of Trophy Rating and how aware the animal is of its environment. This means that at higher Difficulty level, the animal will pose a bigger challenge to hunt and will require more skill to call and stalk. The Minimum Difficulty for all Species is 1 - Trivial and the Maximum Difficulty can vary depending on the species. Every difficulty has a range of Trophy Rating values. Typically diamond badge specimens are of the maximum difficulty of the species, however on rare occasions lower difficulty animals can have a large enough trophy rating to allow for a diamond badge.

1 - Trivial

2 - Minor

3 - Very easy

4 - Easy

5 - Medium

6 - Hard

7 - Very hard

8 - Mythical

9 - Legendary

10 - Fabled (only Great Ones)

Animal Level
Turkey 1-3 (Very Easy)
Cinnamon Teal
Harlequin Duck
Scrub Hare
European Hare
Musk Deer
Roe Deer
European Rabbit
Whitetail Deer *
Mountain Goat 1-5 (Medium)
Bighorn Sheep
Rocky Mountain Elk
Lesser Kudu
Wild Boar
Blue Wildebeest
Roosevelt Elk
Plains Bison
Iberian Mouflon
Beceite Ibex
Ronda Ibex
Gredos Ibex
Southeastern Spanish Ibex
Axis Deer
Mule Deer
Fallow Deer
Blacktail Deer
Feral Goat
Feral Pig
Sika Deer
Canada Goose
Cape Buffalo 1-9 (Legendary)
Water Buffalo
Red Deer
Black Bear
Brown Bear
Grizzly Bear
Gray Wolf
Iberian Wolf
Red Fox
Side-Striped Jackal
Eurasian Lynx
Mountain Lion

* Whitetail Deer exist as Great Ones with Difficulty Level 'Fabled'

Trophy Type and Trophy Rating[]

Trophy Type is a specific characteristic of the Species (Weight, Skull Size, Antlers, Horns, Tusks) on which the Trophy Rating (TR) will be based on. The Trophy Rating is a value given to the size/weight of the trophy; thus, a larger trophy gives you a higher rating. The trophy rating provides at maximum 500 Kill Score.

Animal Trophy Type Minimum TR Maximum TR
Canada Goose Weight 3,2 9,2
Mallard 0,7 2,1
Scrub Hare 1,5 5,8
Jackrabbit 1,9 6,8
Side-Striped Jackal 13,2 30,9
Red Fox 2 15,4
Lynx 16,0 29,0
Coyote 33 59
European Hare 2 7
Harlequin Duck ?? ??
Cinnamon Teal 0.3 0.5
Musk Deer Fangs 0 276
Roe Deer Antlers 0 277
Springbok 57 116
Fallow Deer 0 237
Blacktail Deer 0 210
Whitetail Deer * 0 213
Lesser Kudu 0 35,0
Warthog Tusks 15 63
Wild Boar 7 159
Black Bear Skull 12,0 24,0
Brown Bear 16,0 29,0
Grizzly Bear ?? ??
Puma 30 40
Lion 35 50
Gray Wolf ?? ??
Iberian Wolf 30 40
Red Deer Antlers 0 276
Blue Wildebeest 17,0 40,0
Roosevelt Elk 0 404
Moose 0 245
Reindeer 65 904
Caribou ?? ??
Mule Deer 0 550
Axis Deer 0 389
Bison Horns 4 300
Plains Bison ?? ??
Cape Buffalo 51 162
Water Buffalo 154 358
Blackbuck 17.5 29.5
Iberian Mouflon ?? ??
Gredos Ibex ?? ??
Beceite Ibex ?? ??
Ronda Ibex ?? ??
Southeastern Spanish Ibex ?? ??
Turkey Combined ?? ??

* Whitetail Deer exist as Great Ones with a much higher Trophy Rating

Session Score[]

The Session Score is the final rating of the harvest and it's a combination of the medal, animal's difficulty, harvest check and the quick kill bonus. The Session Score ranges between 0 and 1000, though only animals with highest difficulty can score 1000. Note that this "difficulty" is different from the one described above, and it ranges between 0 and 100%.

The exact score calculation and bonuses can be found in the Harvest Screen by mouse-overing the scores.

Rating Score
None 0 - 400
Bronze 400 - 600
Silver 600 - 800
Gold 800 - 950
Diamond 950 - 1000

Special thanks to "Rizkz"for the Breakdown of the Rating system