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Reserves are places which are available for any given player to hunt on. Including DLCs, there are currently 10 reserves to play on: Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve, Layton Lake District, Medved Taiga National Park, Vurhonga Savanna Reserve, Parque Fernando, Yukon Valley, Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve, Silver Ridge Peaks, Te Awaroa National Park, & Rancho del Arroyo. While Layton Lake District and Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve are available with the base game, the other 9 reserves have to be bought as DLCs. However, these reserves can be played even if a player does not own the DLC if they join a Multiplayer session in which one player owns the DLC then the player can play on it.

Each reserve has its own group of huntable animals. Accordingly, the animals in a reserve reflect the same wildlife that lives in the real-life counterpart of the reserve.


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Yukon ValleyLayton Lake DistrictParque FernandoCuatro Colinas Game ReserveHirschfelden Hunting ReserveVurhonga Savanna ReserveMedved Taiga National ParkSilver Ridge PeaksTe Awaroa National ParkWorldmap Reserves.png
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Huntable Animals (Unique are marked with an asterix [*])[]

Hirschfelden Animals (8 total, 2 unique)[]

Layton Lake Animals (8 total, 4 unique)[]

Medved Taiga Animals (6 total, 4 unique)[]

Vurhonga Savanna Animals (9 total, 9 unique)[]

Parque Fernando Animals (7 total, 4 unique)[]

Yukon Valley Animals (7 total, 4 unique)[]

Cuatro Colinas Animals (10 total, 6 unique)[]

Silver Ridge Peaks Animals (9 total, 3 unique) [[]

Te Awaroa Animals (8 total, 4 unique)[]

Rancho del Arroyo (9 total, 5 unique)

Animals by release date (table)[]

Click on the names to get directed to the animal/reserve page:

Hirschfelden Hunting ReserveRed FoxRoe DeerWild BoarFallow DeerRed DeerEuropean BisonCanada GooseEuropean RabbitLayton Lake DistrictCoyoteBlacktail DeerWhitetail DeerBlack BearMooseRoosevelt ElkJackrabbitMallardMedved Taiga National ParkWild BoarMooseMusk DeerEurasian LynxReindeerBrown BearVurhonga Savanna ReserveScrub HareSide-Striped JackalSpringbokLesser KuduWarthogBlue WildebeestCape BuffaloGemsbokLionParque FernandoRed DeerCinnamon TealBlackbuckAxis DeerPumaMule DeerWater BuffaloYukon ValleyRed FoxMooseHarlequin DuckGray WolfCaribouGrizzly BearPlains BisonCuatro Colinas Game ReserveRoe DeerWild BoarRed DeerEuropean HareSoutheastern Spanish IbexGredos IbexRonda IbexIberian MouflonBeceite IbexIberian WolfSilver Ridge PeaksBlack BearMule DeerMountain LionPlains BisonTurkeyPronghornBighorn SheepMountain GoatRocky Mountain ElkTe Awaroa National ParkFallow DeerRed DeerTurkeyEuropean RabbitChamoisFeral PigFeral GoatSika DeerTH AnimalReleaseDates 2.png
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Animals Species in Multiple Reserves[]

Animal Number of Reserves Reserve
Red Deer 4 Hirschfelden, Parque Fernando, Cuatro Colinas, Te Arawoa
Mule Deer 3 Parque Fernando, Silver Ridge Peaks, Rancho del Arroyo
Moose 3 Layton Lake District, Medved-Taiga National Park, Yukon Valley
Wild Boar 3 Hirschfelden, Medved-Taiga National Park, Cuatro Colinas
Bighorn Sheep 2 Silver Ridge Peaks, Rancho del Arroyo
Black Bear 2 Layton Lake District, Silver Ridge Peaks
Coyote 2 Layton Lake District, Rancho del Arroyo
European Rabbit 2 Hirschfelden, Te Arawoa
Fallow Deer 2 Hirschfelden, Te Arawoa
Merriam's Turkey 2 Silver Ridge Peaks, Te Arawoa
Plains Bison 2 Yukon Valley, Silver Ridge Peaks
Puma/Mountain Lion 2 Parque Fernando, Silver Ridge Peaks
Red Fox 2 Hirschfelden, Yukon Valley
Roe Deer 2 Hirschfelden, Cuatro Colinas
Whitetail Deer 2 Layton Lake District, Rancho del Arroyo
Unique Animals 1 46 Species