The Rocky Mountain Elk is a newly introduced species in the Silver Ridge Peaks reserve located in the rocky mountains. It is a class 8 animal. It has a lighter color and a broder neck and shoulders than the Roosevelt Elk and can grow larger antlers, which is also reflected in the much higher trophy rating requirements.

Description (Off-Game) Edit

The Rocky Mountain elk (Cervus canadensis nelsoni) is a subspecies of elk found in the Rocky Mountains and adjacent ranges of Western North America. The winter ranges are most common in open forests and floodplain marshes in the lower elevations. In the summer it migrates to the subalpine forests and alpine basins. Elk have a diverse habitat range that they can reside in but are most often found in forest and forest edge habitat and in mountain regions they often stay in higher elevations during warmer months and migrate down lower in the winter. They may even come down the mountain and leave the forest into some grassland for part of the day but head back into the timber in the evening.

The Rocky Mountain elk was reintroduced in 1913 to Colorado from Wyoming after the near extinction of the regional herds.

Adult elk usually stay in single-sex groups for most of the year. During the mating period known as the rut, mature bulls compete for the attention of the cow elk and will try to fend off rival bulls from their harem. 

Information In-Game Edit

  • 280 kg - 480 kg
  • Level : 1 (Trivial) - 5 (Medium)
  • Has TruRACS
  • Drink Zone : 17 : 00 - 18 : 00

Integrity Edit

There are 14 ammunition that give full integrity bonus on the Rocky Mountain Elk.

  • 8 Rifle Ammo
  • 2 Shotgun ammo
  • 1 Handgun ammo
  • 3 Archery ammo 

Fur variants Edit

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