This pages contains the rules that apply for editors of this wiki. Note that violations of the rules might lead to a temporary or permanent ban.

General Rules

  1. You must not steal content from other sites without permission. If you want to include content from other sites, ask the respective author/admin for permission.
  2. You must insert gibberish into sites nor delete existing information. If information on sites is outdated or false, provide evidence for your claim. This may be done via provision of screenshots or reference to developer notes/statements or patch notes.
  3. You must not create new sites without providing content to them. Created sites with only one or two sentences will be deleted. You must also not include any personal comments into created articles (e.g. "This site is w.i.p." or similar).
  4. Your must not include any media that is not directly derived from the game. This includes real life pictures of animals, weapons or landscapes.
  5. You must absolutely not insert any racist, bigot, politically extreme, sexist or insulting content into any sites or comments of this wiki. Breaking this rule will lead to a permanent ban.

Rules of Conduct

  1. If you spot a breach of above mentioned rules, please inform an admin.
  2. If someone asks questions in the comments, try to answer them politely.
  3. If you think content is missing in the wiki or should be included with a higher priority, please write a comment on the respective site.
  4. If you upload media, try to use precise names to identify the content of the media (e.g. if you upload an image of the moose caller, don't name the file "moose/mcaller/caller3" or similar. Instead give the file the ingame name "moose caller"
  5. If you upload images, use the .PNG file format rather than the .JPEG format
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