The Saber 4x4 is the only available vehicle in the game. It comes in three different color variants: jade, crimson and charcoal.

To use the saber, the ATV DLC has to be purchased for 3.99 $/€ (PC Only. Default on Console). A feature of the ATVs is that they can be shared during multiplayer sessions, meaning as long as one player owns the DLC, all players can use it. To do so, players without the DLC have to purchase the Saber 4x4 for $20,000 in the shop.

Color variants
Saber jade


Saber crimson


Saber charcoal



  • The ATV drives with approximately 40 km/h. This can get up to 60 km/h downhill.
  • It is not possible to kill animals by running over them. Collision with animals is treated the same way as it is with static objects.
  • It is possible to switch to first person perspective by pressing C.
  • One cannot track animal calls via sitting on the ATV. An attempt in doing so will lead the hunter to dismount.