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Scents are a type of lure that uses the olfactory senses of the animals for attraction. Usually, most scents contain urine of the respective animal which functions as a natural attractant. The effective range of a scent depends on wind conditions. High wind speeds give a longer but narrower effective cone, while a low wind speed will give a shorter but wider cone. All scents cost Cash Icon.svg 1500 for 10 uses, and they all weight 0.5 Weight Icon.svg.

Available Scents

Scent Species Level Range Duration Strength
Blacktail Deer Scent Blacktail Deer 39 200 m 300 s 50
Elk Scent Roosevelt Elk, Rocky Mountain Elk 21
Moose Scent Moose N/A
Mule Deer Scent Mule Deer N/A
Musk Deer Scent Siberian Musk Deer N/A
Red Deer Scent Red Deer, Sika Deer 17
Roe Deer Scent Roe Deer 7
Whitetail Deer Scent Whitetail Deer 31
Wild Boar Scent Wild Boar 33
Callers AntlerRattler.png Antler RattlerAxisDeerScreamerCaller.png Axis Deer "Screamer" CallerBeaconDeluxeBeanGooseCaller.png Beacon Deluxe Bean Goose CallerBeaconDeluxeDuckCaller.png Beacon Deluxe Duck CallerBeaconDeluxeEurasianTealCaller.png Beacon Deluxe Eurasian Teal CallerBeaconDeluxeEurasianWigeonCaller.png Beacon Deluxe Eurasian Wigeon CallerBeaconDeluxeGreylagGooseCaller.png Beacon Deluxe Greylag Goose CallerBuckSnortWheezeCaller.png Buck "Snort Wheeze" CallerDeerBleatCaller.png Deer "Bleat" CallerDeerGruntCaller.png Deer "Grunt" CallerElkCaller.png Elk CallerHazelGrouseCaller.png Hazel Grouse CallerMooseCaller.png Moose CallerPredatorDistressedFawnCaller.png Predator "Distressed Fawn" CallerPredatorJackrabbitCaller.png Predator "Jackrabbit" CallerRaccoonSquallCaller.png Raccoon "Squall" CallerRedDeerCaller.png Red Deer CallerRoeDeerCaller.png Roe Deer CallerShortReedCanadaGooseCaller.png Short Reed Canada Goose CallerWildBoarCaller.png Wild Boar CallerWildTurkeyCrowCaller.png Wild Turkey Crow CallerWildTurkeyMouthCaller.png Wild Turkey Mouth Caller
Scents BlacktailDeerScent.png Blacktail Deer ScentElkScent.png Elk ScentMooseScent.png Moose ScentMuleDeerScent.png Mule Deer ScentMuskDeerScent.png Musk Deer ScentRedDeerScent.png Red Deer ScentRoeDeerScent.png Roe Deer ScentWhitetailDeerScent.png Whitetail Deer ScentWildBoarScent.png Wild Boar Scent
Decoys BeanGooseDecoySentry.png Bean Goose DecoysCanadaGooseDecoySentry.png Canada Goose DecoysCinnamonTealDecoyDrake.png Cinnamon Teal DecoyEurasianTealDecoyDrake.png Eurasian Teal DecoyEurasianWigeonDecoyDrake.png Eurasian Wigeon DecoyGoldeneyeDecoyDrake.png Goldeneye DecoyGreylagGooseDecoySentry.png Greylag Goose DecoysHarlequinDuckDecoyDrake.png Harlequin Duck DecoyMallardDuckDecoyDrake.png Mallard DecoyTuftedDuckDecoyDrake.png Tufted Duck DecoyWildTurkeyFemaleSentry.png Wild Turkey Decoy
Consumables DoggyBiscuits.png Doggy BiscuitsFirstAidKit.png First Aid KitScentEliminator.png Scent Eliminator
Clothing ArcticHuntingOutfit.png Arctic Hunting OutfitBlazingOrangeOutfit.png Blazing Orange OutfitForestCamoOutfit.png Forest Camo OutfitOliveOutfit.png Olive OutfitPatagonianGauchoOutfit.png Patagonian Gaucho OutfitRemiWarrenOutfit.png Remi Warren OutfitSavannaWardenOutfit.png Savanna Warden Outfit
Backpacks TrailscoutMiniDaypackEvergreen.png Trailscout Mini DaypackExoadventurer32LightDaypackEvergreen.png Exoadventurer 32 Light DaypackSummitExplorer6000PackEvergreen.png Summit Explorer 6000 Pack
Binoculars Apexview7x42Binoculars.png Apexview 7x42 BinocularsGenZero8x50NightVisionRangefinderBinoculars.png GenZero 8x50 Night Vision Rangefinder BinocularsVantage8x42Binoculars.png Vantage 8x42 BinocularsVenture5x30Rangefinder.png Venture 5x30 Rangefinder
Portable Structures Elite2TentBlue.png Elite 2 TentGroundblindsConifer.png GroundblindsLayoutBlinds.png Layout BlindsWaterfowlBlindConifer.png Waterfowl BlindsTreestandConifer.png TreestandsTripodStandConifer.png Tripod Stands