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Scents are a type of lure that uses the olfactory senses of the animals for attraction. Usually, most scents contain urine of the respective animal which functions as a natural attractant. The effective range of a scent depends on wind conditions. High wind speeds give a longer but narrower effective cone, while a low wind speed will give a shorter but wider cone. All scents cost Cash Icon.svg 1500 for 10 uses, and they all weight 0.5 Weight Icon.svg.

Available Scents[]

Scent Species Level Range Duration Strength
Blacktail Deer Scent Blacktail Deer 39 200 m 300 s 50
Elk Scent Roosevelt Elk, Rocky Mountain Elk 21
Moose Scent Moose N/A
Mule Deer Scent Mule Deer N/A
Musk Deer Scent Siberian Musk Deer N/A
Red Deer Scent Red Deer, Sika Deer 17
Roe Deer Scent Roe Deer 7
Whitetail Deer Scent Whitetail Deer 31
Wild Boar Scent Wild Boar 33