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The Shooting Range (DLC) is a free DLC released on May 26, 2017. It adds the Shooting Range to the Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve. This is an area that provides unlimited ammo to test out new weapons and get used to its shooting behaviors. It also supports multiple players for shooting competitions.

Store Description[]

Lately our wardens have received requests from you, our hunters, to add a shooting range so that you could get to know your weapons a little better. Well, your wishes have not fallen on deaf ears and Conni, with help from her friends, has built a brand new, top of the line, shooting range in Hirschfelden.

Understanding the ballistics with unlimited ammo[]

Forget simply hitting a target. This is your chance to get a much more detailed understanding of your weapons and complex ballistic behaviors such as bullet trajectory and zero distance. The range is designed to suit both novice as well as experienced shooters. The best part is that while you are shooting at the range, you will have access to unlimited ammunition. That way you don’t have to worry about squandering a few bullets.

Static targets at 10 different ranges[]

With a simple push of a button inside the control room you can pick the target’s distance from anywhere between 50 and 500 meters, at 50-meters intervals.

Practice or compete with up to 8 players[]

Practice by yourself or challenge up to 7 of your friends in multiplayer to see who is the most experienced and accurate shooter.



  • The store page for this DLC has a fair few typos that have been corrected in the text on this page.