Sights are weapon modifications which improve aiming and/or accuracy. Some sights have improved magnification which make the animal appear closer. This allows for more accurate shots on smaller animals such as Red Foxes And Roe Deer at longer ranges.


Rifle Scopes Edit

Scope Magnification Price
Red raptor rifle sight

Red Raptor Reflex Sight

1x 6000
Marksman exakt reflex sight

Marksman Exakt Reflex Sight

1x 8000
Ascent rifle scope

Ascent 1-4x24 Rifle Scope

1 - 4x 0
Hyperion rifle scope

Hyperion 4-8x42 Rifle Scope

4 - 8x 12000
Helios rifle scope

Helios 4-8x32 Rifle Scope

Argus rifle scope

Argus 8-16x50 Rifle Scope

8 - 16x 36000

Pistol Scopes Edit

Scope Magnification Price
Goshawk redeye pistol scope

Goshawk Redeye 2-4x20 Handgun Scope

2 - 4x 12000

Shotgun Scopes Edit

Scope Magnification Price
Meridian shotgun scope

Meridian 1-4x20 Shotgun Scope

1 - 4x 12000

Bow Sights Edit

Scope Magnification Price
Swift mark 3 bow sight

Swift-Mark 3 Bow Sight

1x 12000
Swift mark 5 bow sight

Swift-Mark 5 Bow Sight

Brightsight single pin

Brightsight Single-Pin Sight


Crossbow Scopes Edit

Scope Magnification Price
Hawken crossbow scope

Hawken 1-5x30 Crossbow Scope

1 - 5x 0

Tritium Sights Edit

Rifle Sights Edit

Model Weapon Price
Tritium r223

TRU-Vision Tritium Sights (Model R223)

.223 Docent 3000
Tritium r243

TRU-Vision Tritium Sights (Model R243)

Ranger .243
Tritium r270

TRU-Vision Tritium Sights (Model R270)

.270 Huntsman
Tritium r7

TRU-Vision Tritium Sights (Model R7)

7mm Regent Magnum
Tritium r338

TRU-Vision Tritium Sights (Model R338)

Rangemaster 338
Tritium r30

TRU-Vision Tritium Sights (Model R30)

Whitlock Model 86
Tritium r4570

TRU-Vision Tritium Sights (Model R4570)

Coachmate Lever .45-70

Pistol Sights Edit

Model Weapon Price
Tritium h357

TRU-Vision Tritium Sights (Model H357)

Focoso 357 3000
Tritium h44

TRU-Vision Tritium Sights (Model H44)

.44 Panther Magnum
Tritium h454

TRU-Vision Tritium Sights (Model H454)

Rhino 454

Shotgun Sights Edit

Model Weapon Price
Caversham Steward 12G 70000
Tritium sou12

TRU-Vision Tritium Sights (Model SOU12)

Cacciatore 12G
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