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Nestled at the foot of the Southern Alps, Te Awaroa National Park is home to the diverse biomes of New Zealand's South Island. Sika Deer roam the lush, temperate beech forests of the west, while Red Deer and Fallow Deer are found in the hillsides of the east. Further up, Chamois and Feral Goat play atop alpine ridges. Te Awaroa is also home to Feral Pig, the European Rabbit and Turkey. Trace the trails of history, from the first Polynesian settlers to the hardy helicopters hunters who took on a great personal risk to preserve the reserve's unique biodiversity, or just stop and take in the magic with landscapes that have inspired countless fantasy worlds.

The Te Awaroa National Park is an reserve in the Hunter: Call of the Wild that got released on December 10th 2020 on PC. And was later released on console in early 2021.


Te Awaroa National Park is located in New Zealand.

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  • Stonecastle [North-West of the map]
  • Tarahores Range [Middle-Up of the map]
  • Waikarera River [South-West of the map]
  • Wakaiti [South-East of the map]
  • Taumata [East of the map]

Huntable Animals[]

Class 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9



European Rabbit



Feral Goat

Sika Deer

Fallow Deer

Feral Pig


Red Deer

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Merriam Turkey Shotgun with birdshot Virant .22LR Express
European Rabbit Shotgun with birdshot Virant .22LR Express
Chamois Solokhin MN1890 Assembly Line Ranger .243
Feral Goat Solokhin MN1890 Assembly Line Ranger .243
Sika Deer M1 Iwaniec Veteran F.L. Sporter .303 Burnished
Fallow Deer M1 Iwaniec Veteran F.L. Sporter .303 Burnished
Feral Pig M1 Iwaniec Veteran F.L. Sporter .303 Burnished
Red Deer M1 Iwaniec Veteran F.L. Sporter .303 Burnished

New Weapons [Coming with the Te Awaroa Reserve][]

  • F. L. Sporter .303 Polymer [40 000 $]
  • F. L. Sporter .303 Laminated [Locked] [Received for free when completing mission: A Favor For A Friend] [40 000 $]
  • F.L. Sporter .303 Burnished [40 000 $]

Weight & Stats :

  • Weight : 3.5
  • Accuracy : 55
  • Recoil : 64
  • Reload Speed : 49
  • Hipshot : 67

New Ammunitions (With The F. L. Sporter .303)[]

  • .303 British Polymer-Tip Bullet [Cost (10) : 880 $]
  • .303 British Soft Point Bullet [Cost (10) : 610 $]

Stats for the polymer-tip bullet :

  • Effective Range : 150.00 m
  • Penetration : 40.00
  • Expansion : 12.00
  • Recommend Animal Classes : 4 - 8


"Maybe you think you know this place? You've seen it on the big screen, wondered at our various landscapes. You've watched rustic scenes of village life, epic battles under great stone monuments. But the REAL New Zealand is beyond your wildest imagination.

I've never wanted for anything outside this slumbering paradise, where the long river meets the coast at the foot of the Southern Alps. The heavy days of the venison wars are long gone, but with our unique biodiversity under threat, we need hunters like you more than ever. Experience a place where quick footed shammy play atop alpine ridges so high, you can almost touch the sky, Feral Goats with sweeping horns make themselves at home on steep crags while further down, fields teem with Feral Pigs and mischievous rabbits, and on the west coast, wet and wild beech forests throng with all types of deer strutting through the thicket, from the big to the, well... bigger. But our top drawer is a little more elusive; the wily Sika Deer will make you work for it.

So come on, what stories will you tell at Te Awaroa National Park?"


The Cave

Picture of a certain location of Te Arawoa (By Rage)


Map by Flukedk