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Tents act as portable Outposts which allow the player to establish a new custom spawn point. They also allow, like permanent outposts, the hunter to shift the time in exchange for money.

Tents are part of the Tents & Groundblinds DLC, which must be purchased for 4.29 $/€ (PC Only).

Tents are limited to 16 per reserve.


Two-man tent suitable for all weather conditions. The patented high-tech Mosquito Wall 2.0, tested under severe conditions in northern Scandinavia, is proven to decrease user blood loss by almost 5% compared to its previous generation. This award-winning product also includes a large storage container that'll turn your mobile home into a fully functional outpost. Notable features include the ability to be deployed almost anywhere, serving as a fast travel, revival and resting area (camping fees apply) and store and storage access.

Color variants[]

Tents are available in 5 color variants:

Tent blue.jpg
Tent white.jpg
Tent camo.jpg
Tent green.jpg
Tent pink.jpg

Known issues[]

Due to changes in the maps to enable outposts to have an interior, the tents and groundblinds tend to dissapear if the player fast travels to them. If this bug occurs, following message will be shown:

A beaver felled a tree on one of your portable structures. It has been removed an returned to your storage.

A common strategy to bypass this bug is to first fast travel to an outpost inside the region of the tent and then fast travel to the tent.