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The TruRACS (True Random Antler Configuration System) introduces randomly generated antlers and horns with varying sizes and shapes within the same species of animals. According to the game developers, there are "1 Million possible antler configurations" for each species.

TruRACS was announced on the 15th of April, 2019 in a reveal stream on the official Twitch channel and implemented on the 7th of May 2019 for Whitetail Deer and Blacktail Deer. TruRACS is a constantly evolving system and new species are continuously added through free updates. The system is currently available for following 25 animals:

Animal Introduction
Whitetail Deer

Blacktail Deer

Roosevelt Elk 03.06.2019


Moose 01.08.2019
Roe Deer 18.09.2019
Fallow Deer 07.11.2019
Iberian Mouflon*

Beceite Ibex*

Gredos Ibex*

Ronda Ibex*

Southeastern Spanish Ibex*

Water Buffalo 19.02.2020
Red Deer 08.05.2020
Bighorn Sheep*

Mountain Goat*


Rocky Mountain Elk*

Mule Deer 11.08.2020
Axis Deer 12.10.2020
Feral Goat*


Sika Deer*

Blackbuck 30.03.2021

'*' marks animals that had TruRACS antlers/horns with their initial release.


Alongside the TruRACS system, the TruScore system was implemented, providing a more accurate way of a Trophy Rating. The detailed trophy score calculation is shown on the harvest screen. Depending on the species, the animals score will be measured through a mix of various criteria. These include elements like:

  • Length of Beams
  • Length of Tines
  • Circumference of Beams
  • Number of Tines
  • Spread of Rack
  • Symmetry

Depending on the species and their unique trophy, the number of criteria elements present in evaluating their TruScore will vary. Through the criteria listed above, players will be able to see in detail why an animal scored the way it did, contributing to the overall score of the harvest.