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"Inspired by the rifle that built America, this .30-30 Lever Action rifle is the perfect choice for anyone looking to relive ages past or just looking for a good entry level deer rifle. The .30-30 cartridge is very powerful at close range and a popular choice when hunting medium-sized game in dense vegetation."
― In-Game Description

The Whitlock Model 86 is a lever-action rifle comparable to the Ranger .243. Like its more modern counterpart, the Whitlock is best suited for small to medium-sized game such as Roe Deer or Fallow Deer. Due to its lever-action design, it cannot utilize scopes meant for modern rifles and is restricted to the Helios 4-8x32 Rifle Scope. Much like the Ranger .243, it provides a 100% integrity bonus for any species larger than the Red Fox.

As with most rifles, two variants of its ammunition are available:

.30-30 Hollow-Point17172-675m480
.30-30 Soft-Point Round Nose3542-675m220


Comparison to other rifles[]